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The NS World Series —— Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 :v

The NS world part 4 – “Some NS players have awesome chemistry logic”

The NS world part 5 – “NS players can also copy Cyrax’s skill” :v… 7 more words

Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga - SWF Hacks using Charles

Tools Needed : Charles Web Debugging Proxy [Download]
Serial Key : Download (For all Versions)

How to perform SWF hacks using Charles like Fiddler2. 154 more words


Does Money Make us Mean?

My thoughts : I have seen some people love to use their power of money and then show off. As example, a free to play / pay to win game Ninja Saga. 866 more words


Advertisement for my clan Temple of the KING(id:142621)

We are still low numbers, but Temple of the Kings are pretty good cos we still stay at top 30 in ranking We are looking for more members willing to help us work our way up to getting back item reward. 86 more words



Temple of the KING is a new elite Ninja Saga clan. We are an underdog among other favourite and top clans in the ranking. Season 51 we managed to reach top 40 position. 18 more words

Catch Those Dragons!

Misadventure of my little ninja girl on capturing green dragon.

An impatient ninja girl named rinasae was having a nice stroll in killing ninja rebels for experience and leveling up. 254 more words