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Hellblade Development Diary Shows the Pains of Getting Ready for E3

I love the candidness that Ninja Theory is displaying in their development diaries for their forthcoming new IP, Hellblade. Developers of DMC, Heavenly Sword… 165 more words

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Hellblade: Dev Diary 1st Playable (Video)

Hellblade Development Diary 11: First Playable. For more information visit http://www.hellblade.com and follow @ninjatheory

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DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review

Developed by Ninja Theory

Published by Capcom

*Ebony, Ivory, I missed you girls…*

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


DmC: Devil May Cry is a reboot to the original Devil May Cry series and features many different things that set it apart from the other games, the overall premise is still the same; you play as Dante a half angel, half demon hybrid who is frequently being hunted by the demonic forces of Mundas, a demon king, who holds power over most of the world, soon after the game starts, Dante meets Kat, a member of a group named The Order who have been trying to mount a resistance against Mundas and the demons, Kat insists that Dante meets her leader, initially hesitant, Dante eventually agrees to meet with The Orders leader, it is here that Dante meets Vergil who reveals that he is Dante’s Brother and tells Dante his origins, Dante decides that he will help Vergil in the fight against Mundas to help free humanity from the Demon Kings grasp. 1,711 more words



It looks like the developers of Hellblade, Ninja Theory have decided to become a Indie company  thats dedicated to producing a triple A quality game while maintaining their creative freedom. 317 more words


New 'Hellblade' Development Diary - 'Capturing Performance'

Ninja Theory has released a new development diary for its upcoming title Hellblade.

Product Development Manager Dominic Matthews, took to the PlayStation Blog to release the new development diary. 156 more words


DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review

A Game That Gets a Well-Deserved Second Chance

By Corey Dirrig
Twitter: @RogueSpartan4, @DNAdvocates@DPadGamescast

I loved DmC: Devil May Cry when it came to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  649 more words


What I'm Playing - 17th April 2015

DmC Devil may Cry: Definitive Edition (PS4)

The Definitive Edition of DmC Devil may Cry is one of the best remasters or ‘definitive editions’ I have played. 912 more words