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What I'm Playing - 17th April 2015

DmC Devil may Cry: Definitive Edition (PS4)

The Definitive Edition of DmC Devil may Cry is one of the best remasters or ‘definitive editions’ I have played. 912 more words


March Video Game of the Month -- DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY: DEFINITIVE EDITION

Back in 2013, Ninja Theory would develop the next Devil May Cry game for Capcom. It is a reboot of sorts for the Devil May Cry… 626 more words


The [Re]boot: Heavenly Sword

Here we are again in a new month, and with a new episode of The boot.  This month’s game is one of the best early PS3 titles (in my opinion):  … 613 more words


The Convenient Editing of DmC: Definitive Edition

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition is the eight generation remaster of DmC: Devil May Cry. Released on March 10, 2015, Ninja Theory has made several changes to the game that attempt to bring it up to the standards of previous Devil May Cry games. 800 more words


Epic's indie interests

Click here to read my coverage of Epic Game’s ‘Post-GDC Briefing and thoughts on their new indie-focused strategy, written for Thumbsticks

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Ninja theory really tried hard to come up with their character??

Senua, Ninja Theory’s character was really hard to create. I can’t imagine all the hours they spent making this girl. It must have really took a lot of R & D and the right model. 187 more words

DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review


This console generation has seen the release of many “remasters” of older games. This time it is Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry, which has now been rebranded as… 1,443 more words