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Daily Drawing #27

Here’s another Pokemon-Superhero Mashup.

Introducing… Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle!!!


May 25, 1977... A Day That Will Be Long Remembered.

All it took was an idea, pen in hand, and a few thoughts written on a yellow notepad that launched George Lucas’ “space opera” into the billion dollar franchise it is today.   524 more words

Star Wars

Soooo lazyyyyyyyy

Happy Memorial Day my fabulously graceless friends!

Please do take a moment to reflect on this holiday and those who gave their ALL so that we can enjoy a day off. 405 more words

"Going Full Leonardo"

I used to blog voraciously.

(Had to look up that word to make sure I was using it right. I think I am. It’s a close call.  558 more words


The Loyal Subjects TMNT Blind Box pull video, Pull number 2 !

Me and the kiddo are hooked! We had to go back to our nearest Barnes and Noble and find the last blind box.  My son and I did our second video which you can find below, and when time permits I still plan on doing a more serious review.  11 more words


Quick Hits.. The Evolution of Splinter. Michael Bay is an idiot.

Splinter from Ninja Turtles has one of the most disjointed back stories of any character of any cartoon or movie.

Now you may wonder why the fuck this is an issue, but certainly I can explain it to you in lay man’s terms. 966 more words


IDW's TMNT is the discussing of Ninja Turtle Power Hour episode 16!

Hi everybody,

In this installment of the Ninja Turtle Power Hour podcast I am joined by my friend Nick as we take time to discuss the first 4 issues of IDW’s ongoing Ninja Turtles comic series. 12 more words

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