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PopLurker Recipes: Guiltless, No-Carb Keto Pizza (Turtle Power Approved!)

By Breana Ceballos / Loryn Stone


Sing along with us to the tune of the original Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. Ready? You know how it goes! 1,009 more words

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6 Fictional Characters That Can’t Stop Changing

By Loryn Stone

There are certain fictional characters in pop culture media that are, for a lack of better words, reliable. Whether we’re seeing a design version of Mickey Mouse from the 1920s or seeing him kick some ass next to Sora in… 2,504 more words

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The Power Rangers And Ninja Turtles Meet Their Match In This Swaggy New Viral Video

When King Vader gets his hands on an idea, it’s guaranteed to be the most wild and swagged out thing you’ll ever see. In his new series of videos, the Power Rangers defeat their enemies using hypnotic dance moves. 89 more words


Episode 38: Insert Coin Player 1

Have you seen Ready Player 1? No, well go see it and come back, I’ll wait…. Okay, now you’ve seen it. Today we talk about Ready Player 1, how it compares to the book, and all of our nerd love for the visuals. 10 more words


I am Totally OK With This Weird New Ninja Turtles Cartoon

A trailer arrived late last week for the funky new cartoon show, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check it out for yourself! 91 more words


Nostalgia 91 Episode 60: TMNT The Secret of The Ooze

Check out our latest podcast episode! We watched the second Ninja Turtles movie and it was a fuckin’ ride! Check it out!