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Mr.Drippy (Day 12 of 365)

This is a shot of model that my creative eldest daughter made for me. It’s Mr.Drippy from Studio Ghibli’s Ni No Kuni.

Difficult to get the detail too high in the shot but I don’t think it looks too bad.



Top 10 potential games to film (my wish list) PART 1

The video game to film experiment hasn’t often worked out too well, if we are honest its barely been credible with very very few critical achievements. 691 more words

Gamer Vault:二ノ国 漆黒の魔導士Ninokuni:Shikkoku no Madoushi 二ノ国 (part 1)

So I was thinking, I really want to catch up on some old games I missed out on from when I didn’t have a console(or games I just somehow missed out on). 422 more words

Gamers Unite

Ni No Kuni, the reason we need more Jrpgs outside Japan.

A genre that is known to suck you in for more than 100 hours gameplay time and sometimes more. Games filled with great stories, weird translations , magical worlds,excellent strategic combat and a plethora of things to do outside the main storyline. 583 more words

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