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Goldeneye 007 Review

Greg takes us back to 1997 and tells us about why Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 was so influential.


Mario Party 3 [N64]: 7.5/10

As most of us know the Mario Party series is a board game/video game hybrid involving approximately half luck based and half skill/strategy based gameplay. The first two Mario Party games, while good games, obviously have a hard time balancing the luck with the skill and strategy. 308 more words


N64 Review - Diddy Kong Racing

Growing up, the only racing games I was ever really interested in was Mario Kart 64 – but when Diddy Kong Racing was announced, it caught my attention. 812 more words


Chronological Game Challenge - Kirby 64 / MediEvil 2

Hi! Here’s a surprise update for you all! I’ve been missing a few weeks of updates on challenge reviews, so this week I decided to double up to get back on track. 1,144 more words

Chronological Challenge

Retro Game Friday: Bomberman 64 The Second Attack

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering the sequel to a game I loved as a kid. It’s Bomberman 64 The Second Attack!

Plot Synopsis: In The Second Attack, Bomberman finds a mysterious egg while celebrating his victory over Altair and Sirius on a hot spring planet and decides to take it with him while exploring space in his ship. 218 more words


Gaming Consoles- Nintendo 64: (1996)

There were many game consoles that was released in the 90’s that feature 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64 bit entertainment.  In the 80’s emphasis in the gaming world was placed on 8-bit gaming while shifting to 16-bit and 32-bit gaming in the early 90’s.   518 more words


Retro Gaming- F-Zero X: (1998)

There have been many great racing games that were released throughout the 1990’s including the two Mario Kart games for both the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64.  334 more words