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N64 Classic Mini - 20 Games That I'd Like To See

The NES and SNES Classic Edition┬áhave come and gone, sweeping everyone over with a large wave of nostalgia, so it’s only inevitable that an N64 variant would arrive in the near future. 1,879 more words


The N64 Classic revealed

After the monstrous success of the NES Classic, then the SNES Classic, is there any doubt that Nintendo will continue riding this nostalgia train as far as it can go? 87 more words


No, GoldenEye 007 Almost Definitely Won't Be On the Nintendo 64 Classic

As first reported by JapaneseNintendo, a trademark filing from Nintendo has confirmed the firm’s interest in retaining and utilizing the Nintendo 64 branding for products and accompanying memorabilia. 706 more words


Final Round. - Rakugakids

The Nintendo 64 is held in high regard for a number of reasons. It introduced us to the exciting new world of 3D platforming in… 2,031 more words


Nintendo apply for N64 trademark

For the third year in a row, speculation has begun about whether Nintendo will be releasing another new mini console this year. First came the NES mini, then came the SNES mini, and now people are wondering if the follow up to the SNES, the Nintendo 64, will be getting the same treatment. 312 more words

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The N64 Classic Perfect Dark Turns 18 today!

Happy 18th Birthday Perfect Dark! During the N64 days, fanboys scuffled over which shooter was best, Goldeneye 007 or Perfect Dark? Both games were developed by the British developer, Rare. 46 more words

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