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Nintendo on pace to have more Virtual Console games on Wii U than the Wii

One of the coolest features Nintendo has come out with in the past ten years is the Virtual Console. All the classics you love from the NES, SNES or Nintendo 64 have been available for download on the Wii, 3DS or Wii U. 501 more words

Banjo-Kazooie Truly Returning?!

Currently I’ve been playing Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie on the Nintendo 64, I felt saddened that Rare is currently working for Microsoft and not for Nintendo, because Rare has not been making games like they used to and they won’t make games like that anymore. 147 more words


Fan Projects

Recently, I have been browsing the interwebs looking for a good game to play. I came across the cult classic Earthbound, originally for the SNES, and decided to give it a try. 352 more words


Rebooting Rogue Squadron

Allowing Licensed Games to Be Their Own Entity

Of all the Star Wars games, the best include the space combat simulator TIE Fighter, the roleplaying game…

466 more words

Shay Plays - Ocarina of Time - Nobody Cares About Elsa!

Shay Plays continues and today, we head to Ice Cavern.

We trade in our fire bats for ice bats. Both are apparently a pain in the butt. 124 more words


The Levels of Low: Rated E for Everyone

I wil come right out and say this.  I have no video game knowledge.  The video games I have played are Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Yoshi’s Story, Nagano Winter Olympics ’98, James Bond Golden Eye, Super Smash Bros., Diddy Kong Racing, some Playstation 2 games, and Wii…but let’s face it, Nintendo 64 is the best out there. 865 more words