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Super Mario 64 in HD Via Unity

Super Mario 64 HD

elive the N64 Joy of Mario 64 in HD by Royston Ross. i highly recommend you check out the source files for this as well as play it, the faithful representation of the first world in mario 64  has a nice ‘feel’ it comes across as a faithful reiteration in the controls. 101 more words

Inexpensively Replace A Worn Out N64 Joystick

The Nintendo 64 is certainly a classic video game system, with amazing titles like Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros that are still being played across the world today. 281 more words

Nintendo Hacks

I hope you have nothing better to do, (why would you!?) because Developer Roystan Ross has recreated the lovely Super Mario 64’s first level, Bob-Omb Battlefield, in the wildly port-ready Unity engine, meaning you can play it your browser RIGHT NOW if you go… 96 more words


GAMERS! Want to play some Mario 64 in your Browser ?

Developer Roystan Ross has recreated the first level of Super Mario 64,  Bob-Omb Battlefield, in Unity, that means you can play it your browser right now if you click  97 more words

Mario 64

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time should be left in the Past

Today I fired up the nintendo 64 again, looking at my games and seeing which ones brought back the most memories. This time I didn’t have two of the biggest ones sitting there, so I was left with only a couple choices. 291 more words

Old Video Games

How Does the New Ocarina of Time (3DS) Shape Up Compared to the Classic? And is there a Worrying New Trend in Gaming?

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By Helen Greenwell

Being someone who did not play games in their childhood, I never experienced the original Zelda games. 383 more words


Wii U Wednesday: Mario Party 10

I consider myself a Mario Party enthusiast.  That being said, my mastery of the game is limited to Mario Party 2 and Pagoda Peak exclusively in Mario Party 7.  474 more words