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NoA: 'Nintendo Adds New Online Multiplayer Game Mode for Kids and Squids in Splatoon'

New Ranked Battle mode Tower Control in Splatoon to be available at 7 PM PT on July 1.

Nintendo Adds New Online Multiplayer Game Mode for Kids and Squids in Splatoon…

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Nintendo is Exploring the Realm of Early Access

Damon Baker, the head of licensing at Nintendo of America, explained that the company is looking to handle new gameplay opportunities. When Polygon questioned Baker about early access making its way to Nintendo’s platforms, he responded, 141 more words


New weapons Carbon Roller and Custom Dual Squelcher now available in Splatoon

It’s like Splatoon is adding new free DLC ever other day.

Directly to you from Twitter:

Two new weapons are coming to #Splatoon tonight! Check 'em out here: …

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Splatoon North American Splatfest set for July 4

Cats vs. dogs in NA.

Directly to you from Twitter:

The CATS vs. DOGS Splatfest is back on! Join us on 7/4 for patriotic splattitude! Details: …

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Global Conquest: The War of ‘Fire Emblem’ Meets the War of Inclusion

Nintendo’s newest entry in the acclaimed Fire Emblem strategy RPG series, Fire Emblem Fates (Fire Emblem if in Japan) was released on June 25th here in Japan. 1,594 more words


Super Smash Bros. Ryu Guide

Super Smash Bros 4 Ryu Combos:

Special Moves.
the input commands can be used anyway Ryu is facing.
B = special attack button;  A = attack button… 634 more words


NoA: 'GameStop demo event on 6/26'

Find your Gamestop location at the source.


Start your adventure on New Nintendo 3DS XL this Friday, June 26th at select GameStop stores from 11am – 2pm (local time).

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