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Tricking Duck Hunt to See A Modern LCD TV as CRT

A must-have peripheral for games consoles of the 1980s and 1990s was the light gun. A lens and photo cell mounted in a gun-like plastic case, the console could calculate where on the screen it was pointing when its trigger was pressed by flashing the screen white and sensing the timing at which the on-screen flying spot triggered the photo cell. 302 more words


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Wii Review

When we think of movie tie-in games we often think of rushed games that don’t exactly do justice to the movie they were made for, in fact it is rare one ever manages to even get close to the movie. 1,344 more words

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Aonuma was Quite “Surprised by the Wii's Motion Controls”

It seems Eiji Aonuma had more than just day and night cycles for Breath of the Wild, to talk about in this month’s issue of… 253 more words

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Little King's Story Retold on PC

You might not remember Little King’s Story, a small but well received real time strategy game that made its home on Nintendo’s motion controlled Wii system. 322 more words


Month of Sports: Wii Sports Golf

Its another week and another game for the Month of Sports. This time we tackle Wii Sports and play a few holes of golf. Due to the length of the videos we decided to cut them down for time and gave you some of the highlights. 70 more words


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

It streamlines the Metroid gameplay while preserving the franchise’s key characteristics: its immersion, ominous loneliness, and the maze-like maps

Although, understandably, much of the focus surrounding the Nintendo Wii was related to its motion controls, which were a remarkable and long-awaited step forward despite their flaws, all of that commotion overshadowed what was indeed the console’s best feature: its effective pointer. 1,378 more words


Nintendo releasing retro NES system loaded with 30 classic games

Nintendo announced Thursday it’s releasing a retro-style NES system this holiday season that comes loaded with 30 classic games, including Super Mario Bros. 3, … 329 more words

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