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Is Epic Mickey Too Dark?

When my daughter first started watching me play Epic Mickey, I noticed her shocked expression when we came across Daisy Duck’s robotic head in a jar. 386 more words

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Top 5 Super Mario Games – Number 3 – Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

I recently got a wave of nostalgia after finding my old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), buried in the boxes of my childhood. Waves of memories flooded my head of the endless hours jumping as Super Mario, hacking and slashing as Link in The Legend of Zelda and saving Pauline from DK in Donkey Kong. 1,123 more words

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Mario Kart Wii/7

The Mario Kart series is one of the weirdest success stories in gaming. Think about it, all of the Mario characters get together and drive go-karts. 378 more words

Perfect Score

The Rock’s been a little hard to live with lately. Mainly because his head has swelled so enormously. Pebbles and I are growing a bit tired of the strutting around he’s been doing. 209 more words

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Mickey Mouse Party: Playing Epic Mickey with my Daughter

Game Status: Almost Beat.

After we beat Super Mario Galaxy, my daughter (now 4) and I needed a new game to focus on. I had already started playing Epic Mickey before she had shown any interest in playing video games. 380 more words

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10 Nintendo Games That Should Go Mobile

Nintendo Spreads the Love

After news broke this week that Nintendo is partnering with DeNa to develop mobile games, I immediately said: “NO. I don’t want a crappy Mario port on my phone!!!” (Then the other people in the board meeting were like “…What?”) 896 more words


We Still Use Our Wii

Wii will never die

I came home from work to a surprisingly quiet house. I usually open the door to a cacophony of noises. It’s a glorious combination of celebration and fights to the death. 529 more words