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Okami Review

Despite Okami’s undeniable visual qualities and artistic achievements, the game is able to build a journey so well-constructed and masterfully written that its greatest beauty is not of the superficial kind, but exists in a level that is emotional and borderline spiritual… 1,933 more words


Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros' Treasure Review

A creative adventure that transcends the boundaries of four popular genres to bring their elements together into one continuously flooring puzzle-solving spectacle

The entire concept of genres revolves around the idea of tidily organizing the overwhelmingly big quantity of games that have been released into clearly defined categories, as if the gaming universe were a messy library in desperate need of order. 1,736 more words


Little King's Story Review

Being king is certainly no easy task, but¬†Little King’s Story makes it a whole lot of fun

Ever since the dawn of the Nintendo 64 era, one stigma has been following Nintendo incessantly: the one that claims the company has a hard time garnering third-party support. 1,958 more words


Wisconsin Boy, 7, Gives Up His Favorite Toy For Grieving Police Department

WESTON, Wis. (CBSNewYork)¬†— A generous 7-year-old boy from Wisconsin gave up one of his favorite toys to help a grieving police department heal.

Brady Duke loves reading to his siblings, playing football with his friends and playing his Nintendo Wii. 211 more words


Game Talk: Switch Impressions and Zelda Review

Back in October, I wrote an article on the then recently announced Nintendo Switch and reacted to the console’s reveal trailer. I was quite excited, despite the significant number of problems with the console that had been reported, and I decided to pull the trigger and grab one of these bad boys at launch. 813 more words

Smarty Pants

The more the merrier in this party game and game producers accommodate their audience well. This trivia game features a high replay value, great customization and active participation in group settings for up to four players. 383 more words

Michael Siebenaler

Dolphin Emulator Can Now Access And Buy Games From The Wii Shop Channel

While the Wii’s online multiplayer services have been disconnected for years, the Wii Shop Channel is still alive and well. The opening of the Nintendo eShop meant that the Shop Channel faded into obscurity, but this news may mean a few more people are visiting Nintendo’s old store. 53 more words