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Time for some speedrunning!

It’s time to show how not good I am at Mario Galaxy!

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes proved to be another success for Retro Studios, and was declared by many publications to be the GameCube’s finest offering of 2004. 3,698 more words

Game Reviews

Spectrobes: Origins - Halfway Between Zelda and Pokemon

Note: Disney China was a previous client of my current employer as of posting.

It’s easy to forget about Spectrobes as it had a fairly short run before puttering out. 142 more words

Nintendo Wii

30 Day Gaming Challenge!

Day 4– Your guilty pleasure game:

Oh boy, I know I’m going to get some stick for this!

Disney’s Hannah Montana The Movie for the XBox 360… 761 more words


Mario is a Baby killer!

No that’s not true…he’s a swell guy….or is he?

Secret Agent Mario

His name is 00M Code name….Mario

Time for an adventure in the stars!

Hurry Mario! You have to save Peach from the aliens before it’s too late!