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This Researcher Does Amazing Things With A Wii Remote

Your Wii remote has probably been gathering dust in a drawer or down the back of a sofa somewhere. Well, it’s time to dig it back out because researcher Johnny Lee’s 2008 TED talk “Wii Remote Hacks” came onto my radar this week and it turns out there’s plenty of life left in the old white brick. 880 more words


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

Its vibrant and unique personality transcends its limited gameplay and powers the game onto greatness

In a way, designing a game, like building pretty much anything from the ground up, comes down to doing a lot of little things right – or wrong – and then finding a way to integrate them nicely – or poorly – to form a single glorious – or disastrous – package. 1,288 more words


King's Story Cafe

When I was visiting Atlanta, Georgia many years ago for business, I found a breakfast cafe called Egg Harbor Cafe. The meal and overall presentation of the restaurant blew my mind. 609 more words


On Thin Ice: My Misadventures with Mario Games

Did you know?

Tomorrow is Mario Day (because Mar. 10 looks like Mario), which got me thinking about the Mario games I’ve played.

For the most part, the Mario games I’ve played have been some kind of spin-off of the original. 818 more words


Dead Space: Extraction Review

Extraction is the perfect example of the benefits a console environment can bring to a genre mostly dedicated to arcades

On-rails shooters have always been considered as more of an arcade experience than a domestic one. 913 more words


One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 42 - Wii VC-FX

This week I discuss the ever closing deadline on WiiWare/Virtual Console and my recently obtained PC-FX. 11 more words

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review

Its overwhelming tension wears out as the game progresses, but when it thrills, it does so in remarkable fashion

Harry Mason, a somewhat unsuccessful writer, drives through a snowy night when, suddenly, he loses control, skids off the road, and hits the metal fence of an old warehouse. 1,157 more words