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Confessions of a casual Guitar Hero gamer

Dear Activision,

When you announced four years ago that you were discontinuing the Guitar Hero franchise, I was upset. How could you do that? It seemed like it was selling well across all consoles.  417 more words


This is going to be my last blog post of the year. I plan on cutting back on gaming while the holidays are here since I’ll be a little more busy, but I’ll start posting again sometime in January. 519 more words

Video Games

The Mario Kart Lesson

My forte in video gaming hovers around the 8-bit and 16-bit era of the late 80s and early 90s. So when it comes to newer stuff I have to turn to a more up-to-date expert. 30 more words


Excite Truck (Monster Games, 2006)

Excite Truck was a very early release for the Wii. It was developed by Monster Games and published in 2006 by Nintendo as a spiritual sequel to the Excitebike series. 557 more words


Hands-on with Apple's Remote Loop, the $13 HDTV protector for your Apple TV Siri Remote [Photos]

As Nintendo’s ultra-popular Wii demonstrated back in 2006, adding motion sensors to a remote control can be fun — and dangerous for your TV when you start swinging the controller around during gameplay. 493 more words

Apple TV

Nintendo disappoints, baffles with first mobile app

When Nintendo announced plans to enter the mobile market earlier this year, the hope among gamers and investors was that it would come out swinging, bringing one of its powerful franchises to smartphones and tablets and making a big initial impact. 619 more words


Should Nintendo make a Pokémon game for the Nintendo Wii?

Pokémon games have been capturing the imagination and attention of millions of Pokemon Masters since 1996 and since then the video games based upon the popular tv show have hit the ground running. 577 more words