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Zelda Wii U Has Been Delayed To 2016?!

Well, I should have known it was coming. Zelda Wii U has been pushed back to 2016. I am not really sure as to why I am surprised since 2015 seemed almost too perfect. 116 more words


Video Game BS Podcast #07 – Adventures of Batman & Robin - Sega Genesis

This week our homework was the infamous Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis. Does anybody have the patience and skill to beat this notoriously difficult game? 44 more words


Famicom Everdrive N8 replacement shell

I use the Everdrive N8 for most of my game playing. While I love collecting physical games in boxes, I largely keep them in the box and use the Everdrive to play the games I own. 125 more words


Five Possible Reasons the New Legend of Zelda was Delayed

As you probably have heard, Wii U’s Legend of Zelda, the sole reason for caring about Nintendo in 2015, has been pushed out of this year’s release calendar. 1,166 more words


Best gifts 2014: Retro Nintendo Famicom Battery & Card Reader

Retro Nintendo Famicom Battery & Card ReaderTake it back to the good ol’ days with the Retro Nintendo Famicom Battery & Card Reader, a way to charge your portable device that will appeal to anyone who once owned a Nintendo Entertainment System. 26 more words

Best Gifts 2014

It has been a while...

Hello everyone. I haven’t made a blog post in a long time. Life started to get busy, school work, girlfriend, house work, and yes, YouTube work. 149 more words


The Gaming Journal: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Author’s Note: The Gaming Journal is a simple way to update you on what I’m playing and what I think about it as I play it. 629 more words