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Five Nintendo Franchises That Should Get Movies

Videogame movies. We’ve all seen at least one and they have tended to range from passable to “Oh God this film is stabbing me in the soul and makes me want to vomit up my own intestines.” It’s probably for these reasons that Nintendo has very much kept its beloved characters away from the silver screen (though the failure that was the  1,010 more words


The PlayStation Connection And Other Super Facts About The SNES

This week marks the anniversary of the North American release of the legendary Super Nintendo. The SNES may not have been the most successful console in history (it sold a solid, but not record-setting, 50 million units), but it was certainly one of the… 1,954 more words


Netflix Has Been Updated On Wii U

Good news for Netflix subscribers as the company has updated the Wii U application. The application has a brand new interface and the image is now displayed on both screens at the same time. 30 more words


Pokemon Company Suing Organisers Of Pre-PAX Pokemon Themed Party

It seems as though there was due to be a Pokemon themed pre-PAX Prime party on Thursday night in Seattle. Tickets for the event were only $2 each and it was a chance for everyone to gather together and enjoy themselves before PAX Prime started today. 44 more words


Nintendo - Project Treasure for Wii U officially titled Lost Reavers, beta test starting soon

Project Treasure for Wii U officially titled Lost Reavers, beta test starting soon

Submitted August 28, 2015 at 12:05PM by MichaelBurnsTheThird
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Could Shovel Knight be Joining Smash Bros?

With the recent reveal of Shovel Knight’s very own Amiibo figure, we ponder the likelihood of the eccentric indie icon popping up in everyone’s favourite brawler. 337 more words