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What noise would a Nintendo ambulance make?



'JamezBond (Bad Trip)'

#JamezBond (Bad Trip) visuals have finally arrived! Play as the mad music scientist himself, or play as an enemy! Who will make it out alive! Find out in J!mmySton3r’s latest visuals!

J!mmy Ston3r

The Amiibo Test: Preliminary Phase

Nintendo’s answer to Skylanders will come with the caveat of giving Smash players, not new characters they control, but characters the artificial intelligence will control for them.   717 more words

Smash Brothers

Alien: Isolation's Pre-Order DLC Will Reassemble Alien's Original Cast

Prepare to build a fire, and sing some campfire songs because Creative Assembly,  the developers of the upcoming survival-horror game Alien: Isolationrevealed via Sony’s Playstation Blog… 169 more words


Nintendo poo-poo VR

A quick glance at the Oculus Rift allows even the most gaming illiterate viewer to deduce that it’s not the sort of kit to crack out if you’re looking to bond with aunty Aggie or have bromosexual laughs with you bessies. 325 more words

E3 Expo 2014 Wows Southern California and the World

By Nolan P. Smith

(Los Angeles)– This week, Los Angeles was once again taken over by the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as the E3 Expo. 518 more words

Video Games

Pikmin: Dead Space before Dead Space was Dead Space

The single greatest achievement that a video game can strive for is the “wow” moment. Some games find the moment in character development while others in gameplay that makes the player become something more than just human. 1,569 more words

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