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The Unquiet Dead

When a new television series launches there is often an episode early in the run that subsequently seems a bit odd.  While the writers find their feet and the series settles into a house style, one or two approaches are often attempted that never get repeated.  2,319 more words

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Similarities in the Doctor Incarnations

Christopher Eccleston set the stage of incorporating more diversity in the Doctor Who reboot being from the northern part of the United Kingdom. This was extremely diverse for the UK because everyone is to try to be posh and speak like the Queen does because that gives them status both economically and socially. 571 more words

Have I Got Whos For You (part 48)

This week in Whovania: in Mashups We’d Like To See, here’s Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

A leaked promotional still from the BBC reveals what actually happened after the end of ‘Boom Town’. 31 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Review 01.01 ‘Rose’

“Rose” re-started it all. She woke up from her bed and pulled the audience through her day. She found herself at the gate of adventure, and like many heroes turned away. 504 more words


Overview: The Christopher Eccleston Era (2005)

Russell T. Davies would be the person who would save Doctor Who from disappearing altogether.  He’d had some clout thanks to the success of his program  647 more words

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