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Regeneration Fridays!

10: Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant


Quickie review: Rose

“It’s a disguise!” the Doctor exclaims gleefully, without a hint of irony, as he looks affectionately upon his spaceship disguised as 1950s police box. Rose suppresses an amused snort. 560 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Wednesdays #21

Rose: “What are you doing?”

The Doctor: “Software patch. Gonna email the upgrade. You want moves, Rose? I’ll give you moves. Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once! 426 more words


Regeneration Fridays!

9: John Hurt to Christopher Eccleston (not exactly…)


Doctor Who Wednesdays #20

The Doctor: “That’s the thing. If I don’t dare, everyone dies.”

Rose: “Do it.”

The Doctor: “You don’t even know what it is. You’d just let me?” 847 more words


Doctor Who Wednesdays #19

The Doctor: “No.”

Dalek: “Explain yourself.”

The Doctor: “I said no.”

Dalek: “What is the meaning it this negative?”

The Doctor: “It means no.”

Dalek: “But she will be destroyed.” 365 more words