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Book Review - Doctor Who: Heroes and Monsters Collection

  • Title: Heroes and Monsters Collection
  • Series: BBC Books – Special Themed Short Story Collection
  • Author: Various
  • Characters: War Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, with companions…
  • 288 more words

BW's Morning Article Link: Modern Doctor Who Team-Up (in comics)

Titan Comics is creating books based on all four of the New Who Doctors. Now they’re preparing a storyline that will feature all four. Since Christopher Eccleston doesn’t want to return to the role (I think that led to The War Doctor in the last team-up) so this is our only chance to see this happen.

Television Spotlight

My 10 favorite NuWho moments

You know, I have the (questionable) habit of procrastinating by watching Doctor Who clips on youtube. And some of the moments shown in these clips are among my favorite moments of the new series and are among the reasons why I love Doctor Who so much. 928 more words

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GUEST POST: Dining with Monsters - A "Boom Town" analysis

by George Wellard

Can you redeem the irredeemable?

This is the question Boom Town ponders over. While still taking the time to make gags, show off the brilliance of the TARDIS team of Nine, Rose, Jack and Mickey and explore the mundane yet wonderful city of Cardiff, beneath the surface lies a war of morality and what it takes to earn redemption. 1,136 more words

Guest Post

The Kat's Character Guide: Rose Tyler (Major Spoilers)

The advent of the modern era of “Doctor Who” not only brought new Doctors to go on adventures with, but also brought along new companions as well. 1,717 more words

Russell T. Davies

Ninth Doctor: Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways (dual review)

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Joe Ahearne

Producer: Phil Collinson

Companions: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke)

Series: … 280 more words

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The Ninth Doctor Chronicles

As part of its continued foray into the new-Who license territory, Big Finish has released The Ninth Doctor Chronicles. It comprises four stories, with Nick Briggs narrating and voicing the  713 more words

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