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Favorite Fan Video

This video is great because it takes a show that is usually fun and quirky and puts an interesting darker spin on it. One of my favorite parts of Doctor Who is the constant question of how much influence the Doctor should have on the course of history. 50 more words

The Kasterborous Archives, #4: Slap in the Face - Why Doctor Who's Domestic Violence Has To Stop

Author’s notes:

Tackling this sort of subject matter is always going to be tricky. In the process of doing so I encountered a few people who thought I was overreacting and one or two feminists who felt it trivialised male-on-female violence. 1,830 more words

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Picture of the Day: Laughing in the Dark

From 2005: Christopher Eccleston, Noel Clarke and Billie Piper share a laugh while filming BoomTown.


Comic Book Preview: Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #10

Still on their Brazilian tour, the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack must stop aquatic aliens looking to destroy the planet Earth. 20 more words


Happy Birthday Christopher Eccleston!

Today marks the 53rd birthday of Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor! We might only have had one series with this incarnation of the Time Lord, but it’s undeniable that Eccleston had the task of bringing the show back from the dead, and did it fantastically.   27 more words

Doctor Who Quotes - Out of Context


There is a Doctor Who Facebook group I frequent where certain patterns of behaviour may be observed. There is person X, who publishes regular links to YouTube videos that are basically him rambling incoherently for twenty minutes at a time with a static image in the background about various missing episode rumours and speculation, and who bristles at all the negative feedback he gets. 516 more words

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Ninth, Tenth & Eleventh Doctor's On Big Finish!

Exciting news from Big Finish today, as they’ve announced three new series, focussing on the New-Who Doctors. The Ninth Doctor ChroniclesThe Tenth Doctor Chronicles  618 more words