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Doctor Who meets Beauty and the Beast

Let me tell you a story, children. Once upon a time there was a concept called regeneration and it involved the transition of one actor to another. 699 more words

Doctor Who


Mickey the Idiot seems like a twerp.
He gets gobbled up with a wheelie-bin burp.
But Doctor Who’s back and we’ve waited for years,
And number Nine’s brilliant (even the ears). 2,078 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Series 1 Mini-Review

So, I’m re-watching Doctor Who again from the beginning as I would like to do an academic paper on it in the near future (especially in light of the casting of Jodie Whitaker as the first female Doctor).   374 more words


More Doctor Who Mr Men mash-ups!

Thanks to the Radio Times for details of the next wave of Mr Men meets Doctor Who. I’ve resisted getting these (so far!) but they do look great! 26 more words

Doctor Who

Fanvid of the Week: Doctor Who | No Stars

Vidder: Margarita Life

I haven’t watched Doctor Who in a long time, but damn it all if this fanvid didn’t make me want to go back and watch it from Eccleston’s first moments. 70 more words


Review: Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #14

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

The Bidding War, Part One begins in an unsettling fashion–with Rose Tyler giving birth to a purple alien baby. It turns out that she’s plugged in to a futuristic device which gives her access to “Memgram”, the 54th century equivalent of Facebook, and… 410 more words

Doctor Who Retrospective! Series 1, Episodes 12 & 13, "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways"

It’s the last review of series 1, and therefore the last of the Christopher Eccleston era of Doctor Who. It’s all quite emotional, especially considering that that Tooth and Claw review I have to write is upon me now. 2,120 more words