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The Breakfast of Rassilon Episode One Hundred and Seventy – Doctor Who : Bad Wolf & Parting of the Ways

It’s a return to Satellite Five, the return of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies…and the departure of the Ninth Doctor. Also, Captain Jack gets naked in front of robots! 6 more words

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Happy 10th Anniversary New Doctor Who

When does something stop being new? Doctor Who pre-2005 is what we like to call ‘New Doctor Who’, you’ve got that and you’ve got classic Doctor Who, which covers Doctor’s 1-8. 120 more words


Ten years of new Doctor Who | a Doctorwhotube feature

Wow, ten years since Doctor Who returned to our TV screens in 2005!

Rose aired on Saturday 26th March 2005.

We’re celebrating a decade of the show’s return with a special post collection together the best 10th anniversary videos and more.. 21 more words


Tenth Anniversary of Doctor Who

“Rose,” the first episode of the show produced by Russell T Davies and starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, premiered ten years ago today, on March 26th 2005. 601 more words


Happy tenth anniversary, Doctor Who!

It’s ten years since the return of Doctor Who to BBC One, which seems an opportune moment to link to Tides of Time 30, published in March 2005 just before the series came back, and  29 more words

Series One | Filming in London...

We continue our celebrations of Doctor Who’s 10th anniversary since returning to TV in 2005 with this clip from Doctor Who Confidential.


The New Who Top Ten: #3

Number Three: ‘The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances’ (2005)

You’re doing it now, aren’t you? You’re tilting your head slightly and softly murmuring “Muuummmyyyy….” in that child’s sing-song voice, dropping the second syllable by a major third so that it sounds a bit like a door chime. 1,085 more words

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