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Christopher Eccleston reveals more about his departure from Doctor Who

The exact circumstances behind Christopher Eccleston’s departure from Doctor Who​ after just one series remain unknown. From various interviews he’s given over the last decade it seems clear that there was a clash between himself and members of the production team over the working ethos of the programme that left him uncomfortable and not prepared to carry on. 357 more words


The Doctor Dances

The Doctor and Rose have chased something mauve to WWII, in the middle of the London blitz. Having met Jack Harkness, the trio investigates what’s happening in the Albion Hospital… 86 more words

Ninth Doctor

The Empty Child

The Doctor and Rose chase something mauve to WWII, in the middle of the London blitz.


  • Rose Tyler (by Jack Harkness)


Ninth Doctor

An Unearthly Podcast Season 2: Night of the Whisper

The full party is back again, for the 9th installment of the Destiny of the Doctor Series

Science Fiction

Father's Day

Rose wants to see the day that her father died. When she saves him, time starts to fall apart as a result of the paradox. 181 more words

Ninth Doctor