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The End of the World

Welcome back, faithful viewer! It’s the second episode of the new series, which means it’s time for Rose Tyler’s first trip in the TARDIS. This is–dare I say–fantastic! 813 more words


The Defining Speeches of New Who

If there’s one thing that Doctor Who does well, it’s the speeches that the Doctor can deliver, after the amazing speech in The Zygon Inversion… 1,617 more words


Ah, faithful viewer. I hope you’re still with me, after all this time. You’ve followed me through all eras and across innumerable planets in pursuit of that little blue box. 988 more words


Big Chief Studios Reveals Ninth Doctor Collectible Figure

Big Chief Studios have revealed its new 1/6th scale of Christopher Eccleston’s ‘Ninth Doctor’ collectible figure from ‘Doctor Who.’ The collectible figure comes packed with numerous accessories including: a key to the TARDIS; Antiplastic bomb; Robot Spider and other accessories. 248 more words

Everything Geeky

Eccleston, explanations and The End of the World (2005)

There’s something about rewatching Christopher Eccleston’s episodes of Doctor Who which takes me right back to 2005. No other series of the show has so potent a transporting effect. 1,157 more words

Lost in Time and Space

So something wonderful has happened to me, but unfortunately it has greatly cut into my blogging time.  That something is Doctor Who!  I basically have spent all of my time, starting with that week I was sick, watching it constantly.   646 more words


Watch out for Daleks, Charlie Brown

You’ve seen it, right? Half of you have probably changed your Facebook profile pictures. It’s not as flexible as it might be – there are fewer outfit options than I’d like – but for a web-based bit of fun it’s really rather good. 298 more words

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