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My Top Ten 'Nu-Who' Episodes (Series 1 - 3)

Taking a deviation from the Revisitations, I look back on  the best episodes of Christopher Eccleston’s first series and the first two series of David Tennant. 1,574 more words

Steven Moffat

The Impossible Crow

“The crows maintain that a single crow could destroy the heavens. There is no doubt of that, but it proves nothing against the heavens, for heaven simply means: t… 2,517 more words


Fandoms Collide Fanfiction (not by me)

A friend of mine from school (pen name DontJudgeCorporations) just made a really good  fanfiction that combines RWBY, Doctor Who, Madoka Magica, Cute a High Earth Defense Club Love, and Mortal Instruments. 136 more words


'Destiny of the Doctor' review - 'Night of the Whisper'

Hello everyone! :)

It’s the 1st of April today!

It’s time to celebrate the Ninth Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ for the 50th anniversary!

Here on… 123 more words

Doctor Who

Should The Rift Be Miffed?

Eleven years ago, Doctor Who was already back on our screens and it was quickly becoming a televisual phenomenon. It was in the third episode of the revival,  457 more words

Light from a Dead Star

He couldn’t stop looking at it; he couldn’t help it. It was ironic, really; after so many years (he didn’t like to think of how many) of turning a blind eye to the place, even pretending it didn’t exist sometimes, doing all in his power to avoid returning there… now he found he couldn’t stop thinking about it. 3,253 more words