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Jupiter Transits: 9th House

When Jupiter transits the Ninth House the desire for growth and expansion influences how you search for meaning, truth and self-development. This is a time to learn as much as you can about who you are and the world in which you live. 497 more words


Astrology Sunday: Nono's Chart, Pt IX

When I do natal charts for people, I don’t just provide the chart wheel, but an explanation of the planets in signs and houses and what it means, as well as the aspects they make to each other and what those aspects mean. 1,370 more words


Having a crush on society! (Jupiter - Sagittarius - Ninth House)

We mostly know Jupiter as a “beneficial” planet that is “magnifying” things and situations … And we probably know Sagittarius (the sign ruled by Jupiter) as the sign of “religion, higher education and distant traveling” … There is another important dimension to Sagittarius though which we often neglect: its impetus towards sociability! 1,011 more words

Philosophy Of Astrology

Scorpio Sun: 9th House

Events that broaden your deeper understanding of intense interests, provide you with Vibes to power your sense of self, and overall System. Increasing the scope of your interests, and following through with true Scorpionic approach will further fuel you in a direction of a healthy System workings. 36 more words


Libra Sun: 9th House

The strongest quality in lies in the personal power of Social Grace. It’s through making connections that express your need to Expand, and grow your views of the universe. 100 more words