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Nip: the smell of taste; an aromatic herb, that is a taste that entices a tasting, which the taster then becomes.

First Catnip of the Year


NiP vs. TBA

2015-03-28 19:00

Best of: 3

Team 1: NiP

Team 2: TBA

I’m betting on: NiP

CSGOlounge Odds: ??% NiP : TBA ??%

CSGOlounge: 2891

Stream: … 20 more words


VirtusPro vs. Ninja's in Pyjamas

Well, it’s time for another bet ! In this case it’s going to be two major league teams. I myself, am a great admirer of NiP, so I wont hide the fact that I supporting NiP with all my hearth… But, the other team is no stranger to me : VirtusPro. 110 more words


Should You Respond to a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)?

It is one of the letters that we most dread. A notice which says that the police want to prosecute us for a driving offence. Most notices of intended prosecution are for speeding. 1,292 more words

Law Guides

Thursday "Therapy"

Okay, so I know today is supposed to be “Thursday Therapy” fur you poor, overworked, underpaid and stressed out humans.

But dude – sometimes we kats need therapy!😾 242 more words


Bad start

This weekend got off to a bad start. We were left home alone with the timer food bowls. There are a number of reasons we don’t like these: 305 more words

Kim Kardashian Has Wardrobe Malfunction At Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian was wearing a fishnet shirt with a jacket over it during Paris Fashion week.

Well her jacket moved over a little far and she was all out there for everyone to see.

See the photo HERE!!