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Gerry's Punishment

During the week after Gerry’s admission of his ‘Peeping Tom’ activities there was a lot of email traffic between everyone except Gerry.

Early on Friday evening Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva arrived for the weekend, followed shortly after by James and Petra. 1,449 more words



Tamara and Grant went to the play room and were there for a while. When they returned Sofia asked “So what were you two up to?” 1,216 more words


At the lake

The weekend that Tamara and Sofia, together with their boyfriends, were due to stay with us soon arrived.

That same weekend Zack and Dee had invited us to stay with them. 1,287 more words


Sunbathing and more

Following on from the egg hunt last week, the three ladies had some sunbathing to do.

I picked up eight large stakes. Mike and James helped me hammer them into the ground so there were two lines, eight feet apart, of four stakes that were four feet apart. 1,433 more words


The Training of Sara Part 6

Sara looked at her right breast, he placed a small black o-ring on her nipple; her pale pink nipple had turned bright red. The o-ring put constant pressure on her nipple. 1,022 more words




Foresightful as I was, I had a small towel at hand as I removed Patrizia’s gag. It was a standard three inch ball gag. Defined by me as standard, that was, because I knew how Triz loathed huge gags. 3,299 more words


The torments end

Diane here again for this episode. This is a follow on from the last 2 weeks episodes which can be found here and here. 1,594 more words