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Teaching Him A Lesson


Becca was excited to get home. She had been at her annual conference for 4 days and wanted nothing more than to unlock Adam’s Steelheart and tease him mercilessly before making him use that magic tongue of his on her wanting pussy. 2,503 more words

She Is In Charge


these are the naughty things that keep me awake at night…~n~

Pacing the floor wouldn’t get the guy here any faster. She knew it, but she still hopped up every time a vehicle drove down her street. 1,737 more words

The Weekend That Was...

This weekend has been both challenging and erotically fulfilling.  I’ve seen my 21 y/o grow up and my Princess MrsL take a step toward being truly controlling…at least sexually! 1,321 more words



A little short erotica for you.  My inspiration for this story came from Carly Quinn. I hope you enjoy.


Are you sure you are ready for this? 2,101 more words


Father's Day Fun...Part 3

I am not sure how long I laid there spread eagle on the bed.  After the first two or three songs I must have dozed off.  1,185 more words