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IBOR! - One you must NOT miss!

Hello Fam! It’s been forever shey? i know, i know……blogging doesnt come easy jooor.  lol.

Ok, so let me cut to the chase! I have some exciting news for my female friends, readers and well, the wonderful men who would encourage their women to attend positive events like this one am about to invite y’all to. 477 more words


Happy National Dog's Day

This is really spooky!

I totally forgot today was “National Dog’s Day” until I saw this picture from the Disney movie Frankeweenie. (It’s coming out on October 5th.)  “Youza,” said I, “how could I forget to wish my friends a happy day?” 128 more words


What Did You Say?

OMD! I couldn’t believe my ears!  My mom told me that something very special will be happening soon!  More details later!



P!nk Makes Pink Even Better! An Amazing Pink Pup Story Worth Celebrating!

There’s no question that there’s something to be said about Pink Pups. I know for a fact that true Pink Pups are driven by a non-relenting with to make the world a better place. 189 more words


Niqqi Gets Ready For Christmas - The Santa Story

Do you believe in Santa?  In our family, we do!

Some dream of running away with the circus.  I dream of running away with Santa and his reindeer.  391 more words


Niqqi Faces Her Fears and Dresses Up as a Scarecrow for Halloween

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a walk with my mom when, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing totally still in my neighbor’s yard.  399 more words


Niqqi Skateboards

I’m learning to skateboard!  I saw my brother’s old skateboard in the garage and I wanted to give it a try.  It was a little bit scary at the beginning, but I got the hang of it!  I highly recommend it!