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Testimoni Berjaya Berhenti Merokok dengan Vivix Shaklee

Jadi, jika anda dalam usaha berhenti merokok, boleh amalkan VIVIX sebab ianya bantu utk KURANGKAN KETAGIHAN & dalam masa yg sama ,┬ábagus utk KESIHATAN DALAMAN terutamanya organ yg dah tercemar dgn asap rokok… 553 more words


Smokers in Tilbury are being offered help to quit as part of National No Smoking Day on Wednesday 12 March.

Asset Chemist in Tilbury aims to offer those wanting to quit help and practical advice to help them stay smoke free. The service is offered as part of the All About Health Programme, which promotes healthy living. 313 more words


You are Doubling Your Risk of Mouth Cancer

People who reach straight for a cigarette in the morning are doubling their risk of developing lung and mouth cancer.

New research suggests people who smoke within five minutes of waking up are more at risk from the harmful effects of tobacco compared to those who wait for at least one hour. 472 more words

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Visita a la farmacia

Pues bien, como dije anoche, hoy me he pasado por la farmacia a ver que me recomendaba para que me ayudase a dejar el vicio. Me dijo que las opciones eran parches y luego pues chicles o grajeas. 200 more words

QuickSnap: to smoke or not to smoke

Still not smoked
Cleaned the bathroom (again)
Cleaned the kitchen (again)
Those ‘support’ adverts aren’t supportive
Going cold turkey
Helping myself


No.7 'fragrance' for squirrels

It’s as popular as No.7 by ‘you know who’
It’s the first thing on the Google search for ‘quit’
There are at-least 80 adverts a day telling you to stop… 170 more words