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NIS America's 2017 Press Event

I haven’t missed the NIS America annual press event since I started going in 2010 or so, and yesterday I spent my evening mulling over video games, musing over cocktails (well, ginger beer in my case) and pizza, and listening to professional nerds tell me about their upcoming products. 710 more words


YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA has been announced

At NIS press event 2017 one of the games announced was YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA.

The series itself is an adventure game  where you explore the world and battle enemies in real-time very Zelda like in terms of its origins but splitting off to do its own thing. 198 more words

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Tokyo Tattoo Girls announced and will be coming later this year

NIS announced a mystery of a game, not much is known besides some information about what the game is about, here is what NIS had to say: 186 more words

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RPG Maker Fes is coming to 3DS later this summer

Have you ever wanted to make a game but were too lazy to learn how? Well now you don’t have to be lazy to learn, you can use RPG Maker Fes! 102 more words

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Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is coming later this year

Not all fighting games are 2D and not all fighting games require you to use punches and kicks, just take a look at Touhou Kobuto, many of the fights are long ranged and fought with magic: 44 more words

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Culdcept Revolt has been announced for 3DS

Do you like card games and board games? how about a mixture of both in a video game with some story all mixed into a game? 300 more words

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NIS America: 'NISA 2017 Press Event Wrap Up'

I’ve only included information on Nintendo platform titles. Disgaea 5 Complete gets its Nintendo Switch release date. 



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