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Go For Broke

My Remembrance Day experience is different from many people’s. None of my immediate family were involved in the war or the military. The closest is my Mom’s cousin… 253 more words


Lily Terao: From Internment Camp to Military Intelligence

Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of my mother-in-law, Lily (or Yuriko) Terao. She was mugged by a purse-snatcher near her home in Los Angeles and died from her injuries November 8, 2005. 543 more words


Mr. Giro Nakagawa, 1921-2015

News comes to me of the passing of a longtime friend, Mr. Giro Nakagawa. I met his second son, Byron, in college; we hung out together, ran around in the woods at Fort Lewis together, gamed together, and drank together. 1,075 more words


The Chick Sexer -- A Novel Education: Part 2 by Sherry Novak

The Chick Sexer — A Novel Education: Part 2 by Sherry Novak

Zeitgeist — the spirit of the age. How better to get a feel for an era than by reading the work of authors who lived and breathed at that time? 473 more words

Chick Sexer


AKA, five Japanese guys walk into a train car…

The term “nisei,” by the way, refers to second-generation Japanese born outside of Japan. We’re just on a roll with these foreign titles! 292 more words

Heroes Long Forgotten

Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone, and Alek Skarlatos, 3 military men with deep ties to Sacramento, helped stop a terror attack on a high-speed train in France last week, and inspired millions around the world. 799 more words


You Are Not Like Me Franklin Graham

A repugnant observation is that financial profit exists in propagating hatred and promulgating fear. A sad reflection is that one can be given honor not by fighting the true evil which does exist or even windmills from which a fantasy is born but of empty air from which the horrors and quest for glory truly derive from nothing. 458 more words

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