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MSSTRAM Session 2: Cybersecurity Framework

Class discussion about PESTLE Analysis were continued so other groups can share the industry they chose to analyze. Still other groups did not have the opportunity to share their work at that time since we also had seminar about Cyber Security Framework. 332 more words


Threat Agents

A threat agent is an active entity motivated to attack our mobile devices and activities. We may identify threat agents as specific organizations or individuals, like Anonymous, or we may classify them by goals or methods of operation (MOs). 326 more words


PHP Course Gives a Boost to Your Professional Start

The fresh graduates who are looking for a great job in the field of IT might have been thinking that how they can enhance their ability, gain reputation, and turn out to become a pro for the job interview. 392 more words

FTC takes on toothless encryption claims for dental practice software

On January 5, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a data security proposed settlement.  When a company promises to encrypt dentists’ patient data, but fails to live up to established standards, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the FTC would bristle. 631 more words

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More Quantum Information with New Photon Detector

Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have fabricated a new photon detector made of superconducting nanowires that’s the most precise of its kind. 185 more words

NIST Video Illustrates Flammability of Well-Watered Tree vs. Dry Tree

WASHINGTON — The National Institute of Standards and Technology is once again promoting its 2010 video that shows how fast a dry Christmas tree can be set ablaze, versus a well-watered Christmas tree. 249 more words

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I'm a Nerd and the NIST Hall of Standards Is My Valhalla: The Ampere Measurer

This gizmo, observed at NIST, is a Raleigh current balance and was used in the classic 1912 determination of the absolute value of the ampere. It was also used in 1938 to redefine the international ampere as 0.99985 absolute amperes: