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Non-"Breaking Bad" methamphetamine

Oh dear.  Well, It didn’t think I’d have cause to write about methamphetamine production again, but here we are.  Many readers will have heard news about the explosion that rocked the NIST lab near Washington, D.C. 451 more words

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Video - How to create NIST 2014 custom libraries with FreeStyle

To make custom libraries for use in TraceFinder 3.3 Unknown Analysis, the easiest way is to curate your spectra with FreeStyle and send to the NIST 2014 application which comes with the purchase of any NIST 2014 library.

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NIST Method for Spotting Quantum Dots Could Help Make High-Performance Nanophotonic Devices

Life may be as unpredictable as a box of chocolates, but ideally, you always know what you’re going to get from a quantum dot. A quantum dot should produce one, and only one, photon—the smallest constituent of light—each time it is energized. 740 more words


NIST: Reducing the High Costs of Hydrogen (Fuel) Pipelines

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has put firm numbers on the high costs of installing pipelines to transport hydrogen fuel–and also found a way to reduce those costs. 792 more words


WWV’s 25 MHz Signal is Back on Original Vertical Dipole

WWV’s 25 MHz Signal is Back on Original Vertical Dipole.


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Source:  http://www.arrl.org/news/view/wwv-s-25-mhz-signal-is-back-on-original-vertical-dipole.  Accessed on 05 August 2015, 20:37 hrs, UTC. 177 more words

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Is it possible to build a private cloud on public cloud infrastructure?

The NIST Special Publication SP800-146 (http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/800-146/sp800-146.pdf ) provides a detailed explanation of what is meant by an Outsourced Private Cloud. In Section 4.3 of the document, it is emphasized that an outsourced private cloud must have two main components: 331 more words

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Always Mistrust New Risk Equations

There’s a cynical meme out there about mistrusting new (as well as proprietary) encryption methods. Unless its been around long enough to suffer the slings and arrows of academic and practitioner criticism, its probably not worth entrusting your security to it. 514 more words