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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India Based on 2016 Ranking

With the rapid growth of economy of the country, India has seen a massive surge in demand for new and more specialized skill sets. The demanded for these new and specialized skills set are increasing day by day and meeting these demands becoming very essential. 616 more words

Diari de Sulawesi 30, mobles nocturns.

Once you are  Really prepared for the worst, everything else is easy.

M’he d’alçar encara més pronte, he eixit de la casa vora la plaja a les 6:16 i m’he perdut l’eixida de sól. 757 more words


Home Away from Home

It’s the place, the people, the culture, and the velocity of life that makes Surat one of the better NITs to study in..

The college, department, professors all add up to make a stone heart cry like a baby.

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Random Notes: From NIT to Handwara

On April 6 when Jammu and Kashmir Police lathi-charged non-Kashmiri students inside the NIT campus in Srinagar, the public felt outraged at the magnitude of brutality done on “patriotic” students. 742 more words


Diari de Sulawesi, dia 25, hitchhiking day

Al matí fadel m’arreplega i em du a sa casa després de reparar les sandàlies per 5é cop.

Estic passant els videos del mòbil quan per error els borre tots i els ha de recuperar amb un programeta… oh vell windows. 360 more words


Open letter to NITW fraternity

Dear Students,

We are really sorry for disturbing you at this Nth hour of the semester. But it is imperative to bring this very important issue forward which effects our lives. 1,070 more words