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Self-healing meditation technique to channel your presence into the diseased limb or the suffering mind

Pain is actually the absence of attention, so the solution is ‘giving your presence’.

There is a simple and beautiful self-healing meditation technique that channels your presence into the diseased limb or the suffering mind.

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No one outside can be a reason for your pain, because your pain itself is only your response to an external event based on your own investments!

Every time we experience pain, it leaves behind some residual feeling that remains stuck in the body. This accumulated pain creates a negative energy field around us, which we call the ‘pain body’. 618 more words


Pain is always born from resistance to the present moment!

Often, Fear manifests itself as pain. The most frightening thing in the world is pain.

All living beings are afraid of one thing, and that is pain… 588 more words


Fear is a powerful energy which gives a deep relaxation, a deep centeredness when you don't fight with it!

You cannot conquer fear. Fearlessness means intelligence to live the intense fear without directing it towards any object. When there is no object to be afraid of, the intense fear will give such an intense relaxation and peace. 807 more words


What you think as your identity is not required for you to run your life. You have an automatic intelligence to run, to maintain, to live and to expand life!

The identity that you project to the outer world is called ahamkara. The identity that you believe as you internally is called mamakara. Again and again vedic psychology says that you are beyond these two. 455 more words


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Nithyanandam (eternal bliss)

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