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The DREAM I can never forget!

My life changed after I had an intense vision one night. What led me to that moment ? To that life changing moment ?

It may have started in this life or maybe many lifetimes ago. 759 more words

Mahadeva is here to make you experience HIM

The good news for you is: There is oneness between you and Mahadeva. 

The great news is: He is waiting to make you, give you that experience, understand?  373 more words


"Wasting time" is a stupid concept

This “wasting time”, that concept is a stupid concept, I tell you!  Whoever does not want to waste time, you just need to do only one thing: Maintain your breathing as slowly as possible, as deeply as possible; you will never waste time; you will have time as much as you want in the Planet Earth, understand?  191 more words


What is Rahu?

When you are doing your actions, you know you are inauthentic and hypocritical.  Knowing that, you skip, you jump the gun.  That is exactly Rahu!  Because, he knows he should not be standing in the line of gods and receiving the nectar; he should only be standing in the line of demons.  69 more words