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Video: 21 Days Liquids Only Diet- My Nirahara Samyama Experience

I am currently participating in this month’s batch of the 21 day meditation and liquid diet program: Nirahara Samyama. This program was created by my Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda to help the participant break any negative patterns associated with food, detoxify the body, and heal from any food related illnesses and disorders. 182 more words

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Teleportation in Space and Time dimensions

Q: Swamiji, would it be correct to visualize the three dimensions of an object (length, breadth, depth) as three axes – like X, Y and Z axes? 509 more words


Bigata Vajra, Attributes of an Avatar - X

Bigata Vajra is the ability to spontaneously return to health under any conditions, referred to in the Linga Purana as a quality of Shiva Himself. This quality was demonstrated in December 2015, when Paramahamsa Nithyananda defied medical science with a spontaneous recovery from the dreaded dengue. 165 more words


Ardhanarishwar (Union of Shiva-Shakti), Attributes of an Avatar - VIII

An Avatar is the physical manifestation of the metaphysical union of Shiva-Shakti. He exists in the state of pure Consciousness (Shiva) even as He manifests as an embodied form (Shakti).  224 more words


Shiva Akarshana, Attributes of an Avatar - VII

Shaiva Agamas, the authoritative scriptures revealed directly by Lord Shiva, declare that we are all nothing but Shiva Himself. Hence the mantra


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Shakti Akarshana, Attributes of an Avatar - VII

Unlike the binary system of classical information transfer (0/1), at the level of quantum mechanics, qubits of information or energy can exist simultaneously in Advaita… 210 more words


Akashic Readings, Attributes of an Avatar - V

Einstein’s theory of special relativity has already proven that Space and Time are intractably linked, and that time exists as a dimension along with every aspect of space. 190 more words