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Man who celebrates Life is worshipped. Man who is constantly complaining is worshipping.

Listen, every moment the happening in you, means your Life. Listen carefully..Life. You may be marching towards your goal to achieve something in the outer world or inner world or you may just be confused and stuck. 2,769 more words


Why should I work with inauthentic people?

Many times people ask me, ‘Why should we work with these people?  They are not integrated, they are not authentic. They are liars, cheats.’

I tell them, 148 more words


Third eye awakening is one of the most powerful, healthy foolproof process given directly by Mahadeva.

Understand, I want to tell you this one thing, I am giving you some of the most important insider’s secret of this gurudum. See when you have few thousands people connecting with you having a kind of feeling connection. 1,086 more words



Please understand, Mahadeva has written a beautiful cookbook called Bagashastra. It is attributed to Mahadeva. I feel the book is so beautiful, anybody who has written it he is already in the space of Mahadeva. 82 more words


Vedic gurukul is education centric, not teacher centric.

Please recite, the Shanti Mantra of Katha Upanishad along with me:

auṁ saha nāvavatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha vīryam karvāvahai |
tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai ||
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Swami Nithyananda

The urge to Re-invent yourself should become urgent

Listen. Please listen with all your attention. The constant happening of life can be perceived as constant rebirth or a constant death. If you perceive as a constant rebirth, or a constant death, if you perceive it as a constant rebirth, you will experience the beauty of life. 3,414 more words