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My Shell… an impermeable fortress of illusions.

For a while now I have been fighting online with an individual who calls herself “Zillah Noir” variously known as {X} Zillah Nior”/“Zillah Iktomi Noir” 989 more words

Visualization Meditation Technique

This technique can be practiced any time. Feel the cosmos as a translucent, ever-living presence. Try to feel the life in everything that is around you. 213 more words


India's Godmen in Unholy Mess

Self styled godmen and India’s tryst with spirituality goes back a long way. In the recent past many so called spiritual gurus have been caught on the wrong foot. 808 more words

Newsy Takes

When you resonate Existence, it will simply keep giving you what you need for that moment, even before you seek it!

When you are not so concerned about your ego getting hurt, you will have the courage to take any jump. All your so-called worry is actually about your ego getting hurt. 497 more words


Once love starts flowing, jealousy and possessiveness and all that simply become non-existent!

Jealousy does not allow you to experience your true nature of love and bliss. It arises out of misunderstanding life and yourself. You misunderstand love to be something outside of you that has to be acquired. 353 more words


Existence equips you with the energy to fulfill all that you will need to live a happy and fulfilling life!

Suppose there was a huge ladder and everybody in the world was asked to stand on it in ascending order of success in any field such as beauty or intelligence. 607 more words