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8bit Doves Review [iOS]

Who among you remembers the classic Gameboy with it’s greenish/gray screen? I had one as a kid and had a lot of fond memories of it. 581 more words

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Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Review – Touch Me

Nitrome is killing it lately with engaging and unique pixel-based fare like Gunbrick and Platform Panic. Its newest title, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, is a little simpler than its recent platformers. 486 more words


Gunbrick Review: Rock and Roll and Roll

At this point in time, it’s hard to predict which technology will replace the average gas-powered car. Electric cars? Hoverboards? Flying vehicles? With the future being so open, maybe we should consider the method of transportation highlighted by Nitrome’s new game: The Gunbrick. 505 more words


Platform Panic Review: Infinite Platforms, Infinite Pleasure

The infinite runner is a relatively new concept, and is still evolving. That’s not to say Platform Panic is an infinite runner. But it is part of this sub-genre’s close family, and is an inspired step forward in this evolution of quick playing, intense, touchscreen-suited game. 465 more words


Bad Ice-Cream 3

Hi guys

I’ve been playing Bad Ice-Cream 3 with my sister, I’m the squahed purple one in the image. As you can see I’m quite bad at Bad Ice-Cream 3 and I have to say my sister is better at playing this game than me but she doesn’t play often because she doesn’t like games as much as me. 77 more words


Indie Game: Flue

This was a cool little discovery on a site called Nitrome. I’d never heard of the game or the site before but I really like some of the games they showcase. 28 more words

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