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Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives...Unfortunately...

Cotton Facts:

  • Cotton is the biggest non-food agricultural crop in the world.
  • It uses 11% of the entire world’s pesticides.
  • In developing nations specifically, 50% of pesticides go towards cotton.
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Fall foliage might be destroying the earth but it looks nice

Michigan State University scientists have pinpointed a new source of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that’s more potent than carbon dioxide. The culprit?

Tiny bits of decomposing leaves in soil. 536 more words

Everyday Science

Leaf particles cause nitrous oxide hotspots in large pore soils

“The leaf particles act as tiny sponges in soil, soaking up water from large pores to create a micro-habitat perfect for the bacteria that produce nitrous oxide.”

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The Truth Behind the Nitro Brew

NITRO. AKA the cool buzzword in the cold coffee world right now. But what does Nitro actually mean? And what’s the difference between nitrogen and nitrous oxide (NO2)? 273 more words


Anesthesia: Surgical Miracle or Scientific Hoax?

by Axel Wood

May 3, 1851

PORTLAND, OR – There is no words that can describe how horrific, painful surgeries can be. Even to a strong man, the moment when the surgical instrument tearing the skin, going inside the flesh, and bringing infinite pain can be worse than being dead. 982 more words