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Deerstalker reports as the Banksy bandwagon gathers momentum

This was the week that saw the Somerset village of Haselbury Plucknett thrown into turmoil after a meteorite in the form of Jeremy Corbyn’s beard crashed through the roof of St Michael’s church.  614 more words

Nitrous Oxide Use In the Medical Office Is No Laughing Matter

There is a trend today to do more medical procedures outside of the hospital setting in ambulatory treatment centers or even in the physicians’ offices.  In urology, men are receiving prostate biopsies, cystoscopies and minimally invasive treatments for the enlarged prostate glands in the doctors’ offices.  676 more words

Nitrous Oxide

The amount of the GHG nitrous oxide in our atmosphere is increasing rapidly, but there are many different sources for that. But scientists at the University of California, Berkeley can pinpoint the cause of these nitrous oxide emissions by using specific isotopes. 140 more words


Livestock and agricultural emission of the Greenhouse gas

As I mentioned before, cattle belches are a source of GHG emissions and therefore global warming, but there are other culprits for methane, nitrous oxide and Co.  247 more words


Reducing nitrous oxide emission by cattle grazing

Did you know that unused steppe and prairie areas emit much more of the dangerous GHG nitrous oxide than if they are used as pasture lands? 366 more words


Nitrous Oxide Incident In N. Baltimore Forces Some To Evacuate

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A nitrous oxide incident in North Baltimore forces some residents out of their homes.

Firefighters are looking into an alarm that went off in the 2200 block of N. 22 more words