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'No Entonox' Bracelets @ EUROTEK.2016

In the UK it is likely that paramedics and the ambulance service will administer Entonox gas as a pain relief.

Entonox – which is also known as ‘gas and air’ or laughing gas – is a 50:50 mix of Oygen and Nitrous Oxide. 197 more words

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Nitrous oxide myeloneuronopathy

Whippets, derived from the brand name “Whip-it” is the recreational trade name for inhaled nitrous oxide (N2O) chargers that can give you a brief, euphoric, high. 530 more words


What Does Nitrous Oxide Do?

It is not uncommon for patients to become anxiety-ridden at the idea of scheduling a dentist’s appointment, or even after they’ve arrived at the office. Some fear the possibility of pain or discomfort they expect to come from their cleaning or procedure. 216 more words



**Currently St. John’s in Santa Monica and GraceFull Birthing Center in Silverlake are the only facilities in the LA area that offer nitrous oxide during labor, to my knowledge.  169 more words


no sanctuary in empty words

I’ve just spent a couple of days at the beach house. It instantly comes to mind when I see the word sanctuary. In reality though, we carry our sanctuary around inside our own heads, don’t we. 136 more words


Tales from beyond the Statute of Limitations: The N2O incident

In an attempt to make this story seemingly less arbitrary for a blog largely about China, I can add this little relevant linking preamble. The other night my flatmates invited me out to a bar with some friends of theirs.   2,652 more words

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