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Worldwide Effects of Global Warming

Lynas, Mark modern complications partner: international Warming Shasta Gaughen Greenhaven Press Viewpoint Hardly every other realizes it, however the debate about local weather amendment is over. 1,894 more words

Carbon Dioxide

17.11.16 Alien Abductions, Bible Passages, Arcturian Messages etc

17th November 2016

It came as a sudden shock to me that I passed at that moment in time to the heavens above. I was a man, a mere mortal who had denounced the saviour for my life of unworthiness, but I came to know and respect him as the saviour of mankind. 3,555 more words



Nangs are increasing in popularity in Australia as a recreational drug. Also known as whippets, laughing gas, N²0, or bulbs, it is nitrous oxide contained within a small metal canister. 330 more words


Prototyping an election night drink: The Trump MKII

This presidential election cycle we are attempting to design two theme drinks that will be consumed on election night. Last week we determined the ratio of primary ingredients. 844 more words

'No Entonox' Bracelets @ EUROTEK.2016

In the UK it is likely that paramedics and the ambulance service will administer Entonox gas as a pain relief.

Entonox – which is also known as ‘gas and air’ or laughing gas – is a 50:50 mix of Oygen and Nitrous Oxide. 197 more words

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Nitrous oxide myeloneuronopathy

Whippets, derived from the brand name “Whip-it” is the recreational trade name for inhaled nitrous oxide (N2O) chargers that can give you a brief, euphoric, high. 530 more words