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Ongoing Unravelling of our Climate System

Arctic Ocean Blowtorch Attacks Sea-Ice // Published on Jan 24, 2016

Our climate system has destabilized. Our fossil-fueled emissions have changed the chemistry of our atmosphere and our oceans, changing the heat balance between the equator and Arctic. 306 more words


"Laughing Gas" for Birth?

Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas”, has been used for laboring women in many countries around the world since the 1930s.  (“Call the Midwife” anyone? 168 more words

Natural Birth

Local anesthesia and nitrous oxide for comfort during you treatment.

During your periodontal treatment we do everything possible to create a comfortable and relaxed environment best suited for each patient.

We use local anesthesia to prevent pain in the area of your mouth where treatment is being preformed. 158 more words

Peterborough Periodontists

Continued Global Warming Bravo Sierra Aimed at CO2 Taxation

When considering anthropogenic -manmade -CO2 emissions, it should be noted that in counting only Corporate Petrol Chemical byproducts the roughly 33,000 airplanes that fly in and out of the airport each month emit about 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide. 1,070 more words

If We Stopped Tomorrow

What would happen* if we stopped causing climate change tomorrow?

It’s a fantasy, obviously, though an appealing one. It’s also food for a lot of interesting thought. 2,103 more words

Climate Science

Nitrous Oxide for Outpatient Urologic Conditions

Today many procedures are being done in the office setting rather than in the hospital. By using nitrous oxide there is less pain and discomfort. This blog will discuss the use of nitrous oxide as a safe sedation for office procedures. 488 more words

Nitrous Oxide