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Tales from beyond the Statute of Limitations: The N2O incident

In an attempt to make this story seemingly less arbitrary for a blog largely about China, I can add this little relevant linking preamble. The other night my flatmates invited me out to a bar with some friends of theirs.   2,652 more words

HIgh School

Innovation, Inspiration, and Imagination in Orlando

Hi friends! I hope that your summer has geared up to be awesome and if you live anywhere hot (like me) that your air conditioner works! 548 more words

Child Life Specialist

My First Born and My Breastfeeding Journey

When I was pregnant with Z, I have no intentions of breastfeeding her. But that changed when I accidentally saw Icel, my sister in Singles for Christ, while having a lunchout. 622 more words


Our Climate System In A Nutshell

Our Climate System In A Nutshell // Published on Jun 19, 2016

I teach climatology to second year Geography university students and on a recent midterm AI asked: 35 more words


Canary Island

I call it, “Canary Island.” Rapid-infused serrano mint rum, pineapple, lime, simple, fresh mint.


take it to the clouds

a nameless, faceless entity

despite my plans to the contrary

has come from space
and conquered me

and i can’t get nothing done

i’m in aimless, graceless entropy… 86 more words

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