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Dirty Old City

London is a very dirty city. The quality of the air that Londoners breathe is just as dirty as it was when the great smogs on the 1950s killed so many people, but the London air does not now reveal itself in visible smogs. 382 more words

Climate Change

Gentle Dental: Tips for Pain-Free Dentist Visits

Does fear of painful dental procedures keep you from seeing the dentist? Anxiety about seeing the dentist prevents more than half of U.S. adults from getting regular check-ups. 509 more words

Ashburn Dentist

Volatile compounds and their role in nature

Plant originated volatile organic compound emissions are one of the trending topics of plant physiology. All plants emit volatile molecules for many reasons (metabolism, defence against herbivory, drought and heat stress, etc.), and these are very reactive in the atmosphere, playing a significant role in the tropospheric chemistry. 181 more words


Kitchen Tech: Using Nitrous Oxide to make fresh whipped cream, airy waffles, and foam

Back in my January Kitchen Tech column on bar tools, I briefly mentioned that certain restaurants are using liquid nitrogen to make frozen cocktails that resemble sorbets — a magic trick that for all intents and purposes is impossible to replicate at home. 1,276 more words


[WEB SITE] Ways to Treat Depression That Aren’t Antidepressants

Feb. 27, 2015 — There may be hope for hard-to-treat depression as scientists explore novel ways to help people who have the often crippling condition. 353 more words


Postdoc available in Nitrous oxide flux from grazed pasture, New Zealand

We have a position (up to 2.5 years) available for a postdoctoral fellow who will be responsible for measuring nitrous oxide fluxes from grazed pastures systems based at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. 130 more words