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If We Stopped Tomorrow

What would happen* if we stopped causing climate change tomorrow?

It’s a fantasy, obviously, though an appealing one. It’s also food for a lot of interesting thought. 2,103 more words

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Nitrous Oxide for Outpatient Urologic Conditions

Today many procedures are being done in the office setting rather than in the hospital. By using nitrous oxide there is less pain and discomfort. This blog will discuss the use of nitrous oxide as a safe sedation for office procedures. 488 more words

Nitrous Oxide

What you need to know about Nitrous Oxide?

A.S.K FactSheet NIO/30.

Do you need Advice, Help & Support. Maybe you have a  Question that needs answering Such as?:

What is nitrous oxide? 646 more words


As I mentioned here, the main sources of laughing gas (nitrous oxide), a very potent GHG, are synthetic or organic fertilizers and manure left by grazing animals. 218 more words


Study: Diesel fumes not so good for bees

Scientists say nitrous oxide cuts the availability of flower scents

Staff Report

It’s pretty tough to smell the flowers when the air is polluted by exhaust fumes from heavy traffic, and a new study shows that may go double for bees. 315 more words


Anthropogenic effects on greenhouse gas (CH4 and N2O) emissions in the Guadalete River Estuary (SW Spain)

by Rebecca Herrera

Burgos et al. (2014) discuss seasonal variations of the greenhouse gases methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) in the Guadalete River Estuary ending in the Cadiz Bay of southwestern Spain. 339 more words

Biological Effects Of CO2