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Nitrous Oxide -Nitrous Oxide What it is

Nitrous Oxide

What it is and how we make Horse Power with it.

Nitrous Oxide can be referred to as a non flammable cryogenic gas, oxidizer, compound or molecule. 25 more words


Maintaining Consistent Nitrous Pressure with a Nitrous Express Bottle Bath

By maintaining consistent nitrous pressure from run to run, you eliminate one variable so you can identify other needed adjustments in your track setup. In this video, Mike from… 24 more words


Ask Away: Optimizing Your Nitrous System with Proper Bottle Pressure

I recently installed a NOS Cheater nitrous system on my car and we took it to a chassis dyno to test the system. The jets were rated at 150 hp but when we tested it, it only delivered barely 100 hp. 49 more words


Bottle Basics (Part 2): More Tuning Recommendations for NOS Systems

In our original Bottle Basics post, we covered tuning guidelines for NOS Super Powershot, Cheater, and Dual Shot Cheater nitrous systems. This time around, we’re providing recommendations for the NOS “Fogger Family.” This includes suggested nitrous and fuel jet sizes, fuel and timing requirements, and spark plug heat ranges for… 21 more words


Bottle Basics: Nitrous Baseline Tuning Recommendations for NOS Systems

Although nitrous oxide is a rather simple concept, tuning your engine to take advantage of the extra power potential can be a little involved, especially when you get into the high-horsepower or multiple-jet nitrous kits. 73 more words


dentistry, myoclonus and nitrous

Dentistry. It makes me cringe. I hate going to the dentist. As a person with poor functionality, my self-care is not well maintained. Almost everything in that avenue could use improvement. 457 more words


MX 235 announces 2016 Points Schedule

The nation’s premier 8.5/235 class in the country just got better. The MX235 has teamed up with NMCA to introduce the 2016 MX235 Series presented by Redline Motorsports in Bloomington, IL. 311 more words