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Using Nitrous Oxide for Dental Treatments

Blog Highlights: See how you can stay calm while the dentist performs complicated procedures on your teeth with the use of Nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and it is used for sedation and for helping patients manage pain and anxiety Nitrous oxide is safe to use for as long as it is administered properly and Continue Reading


I mentioned recently that futile pushing movement a driver makes in their seat as they try to coax an underpowered car to gain, or even maintain, speed. 586 more words

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Nitrous ROCKSide!

Like any “normal person” I dread going to the dentist and avoid it for, uh, YEARS – going only when I have to have three fucking cavities filled like this past Tuesday. 234 more words

Writing Wednesday - Better Writing Through Nitrous

My face is more-or-less fixed now, so that’s a good thing. And I have a few new experiences I can maybe use in fiction some day. 418 more words

Writing Wednesday

Burger King: Home of the Whopper & Nitrous Oxide

I’m glad I went into anesthesia.  I really enjoy the technical aspect of what I do:  the nerdy, geeky, and science-y side of all the gadgets that we have at our disposal to take care of patients.   1,401 more words


Billet Heated Nitrous Bottle Bracket

Show Quality Finish If you are looking for a show quality nitrous install a billet bottle bracket will give your system the perfect finishing touch. 120 more words


Anesthesia Flix Fix: Episode One

This is the inaugural entry in what I hope will be a recurring column here at Having a Gas Passing Gas. My intent is not only to provide recommendations for how you should spend your time when your head’s not buried in a textbook or stressing about school or work or some other travesty that we call our personal lives. 681 more words