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Fun with Nitrous

A slightly different experiment here – I tried to use the rather powerful capabilities hidden within 3dsMax itself – Nitrous. By switching to the Quicksilver Renderer, and then making use of the NPR Explorer (which gives hidden, custom, fine tuned options on how the graphical styles turn out), it is then possible to create some very interesting images from a resource that is usually overlooked. 114 more words


Is Nitrous the Answer for Me?

Sedation dentistry utilizes different levels of sedation to help dental patients relax, and to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and discomfort during complex dental treatments. Dental anxiety and fear prevents a large percentage of the population from seeking dental care, attending regular dental visits, and ultimately can severely impact oral health and wellbeing. 382 more words

Sedation Dentistry


Probably one of the most exciting things that we’ve done lately is to administer laughing gas to each other!

My wonderful partners Steve and Mike: 15 more words


Knowing all About Nitrous Oxide

Blog Highlights: Nitrous oxide can help patients to stay calm before getting a dental procedure Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas This gas is not meant to make you fall asleep This gas is mixed with oxygen; it is inhaled through your nose with the help of a mask Tingling on the limbs and lightheadedness are signs that Continue Reading

ZEX Nitrous 82220 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z Nitrous System

The ZEX 350Z Nitrous System is the only direct fit nitrous system on the market for this incredible car. The kit includes a custom designed billet fuel adapter that simply bolts on to the factory fuel rail. 48 more words

Nitrous Outlet 00-65000 Nitrous Filter

Every nitrous system should have a Nitrous Outlet nitrous filter! * 4 AN Nitrous filter. * Comes complete with filter and 7 inch -4 nitrous line. 18 more words

Davis Technologies Traction Control

Davis Technologies is the industry leader in racing traction control systems. Our sensor less systems have dominated circle track racing for over a decade, and our systems are now dominating all levels of drag racing as well!!

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