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Nix discovered as Mosquito sex-determining gene

Virginia Tech says that a gene responsible for sex determination in mosquitoes that can transmit yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya viruses has been identified by researchers. 141 more words


Bryson McGee calls on Nix for his brand new track

Bryson McGee keeps the heat up on his latest track where he enlists the help of Nix to destroy this wun two produced track. Be on the look out for new music from Bryson as you never know when he’ll throw out another gem.

Listen below.


Publishing a Webmethod IS WSDL behind a NAT

So I need to publish a webservice to one of our business partner. For security (through obscurity, HA!) we decided to put the ESB behind NAT. 247 more words


And there are five moons! New Horizons spies all of Pluto's known moons

New Horizons, currently under half an AU from Pluto, is now close enough to just *barely* make out all of the known moons of Pluto.  With the aid of extreme photo processing, the motion of Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx is apparent: 46 more words


How We Started A Revolution #39


What happened? I sit up and yawn. I look around the room while standing up. Oh yeah. We’re in Nano’s lab. When I attempt to take a few steps forward, I realize that there is glass all around me. 1,485 more words


Slave Name Roll Project: RELEASING Judy, Beck, Dick, and Mourning

Following my three part series on the slaves of my 5th grand-father James Sims I’ve made a commitment to write a post on a monthly basis until I’ve RELEASED all of the names of slaves owned by my ancestors. 1,382 more words

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