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Using a Colon As A Bash Null Operator


The title of this entry is came from the referent entry.
본 entry의 제목은 위에 언급된 페이지의 것을 사용하였음을 밝힌다. 17 more words


OTCs in Action Episode 63: Surrender, Super Lice

It’s an election year in the US, and there’s no end of conversation about the controversial candidates, and the Red states (more Republican voters) and Blue states (Democrat); but which are the Pink and Green states? 211 more words


A small game to improve *nix skill

Just found it today at http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/

A nice game to improve your *nix skill, you will get familiar with a lot of command in *nix like du, sort, ls, grep, strings, etc… 12 more words


Some real world ZFS on Linux experience by GridPP

GridPP – providing computing and storage facilities for grid computing in the UK – has published 3 nice articles on their use of ZFS on Linux and comparison against hardware RAID: 34 more words

Power User

If too lazy to read the mans

Sometimes, you implemented a function to operate the OS is behaving strangely. Or just curious to know how a standard utility or service. In Linux, there are several diagnostic tools to simplify troubleshooting, and just help to understand the internal structure of the software work. 366 more words


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Healthy eating is still gaining momentum, and NIX is one of the latest eateries to hop on board this craze, offering vegetarian and vegan fare in a sit-down dining environment. 255 more words