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sftp hardening with chrooting and ACL

Chrooting is always a great option when you want to roll out  a service that will be accessed by a lot of users, even more so if it’s on the internet. 924 more words


Creating Mininet-style networks with VIMAGE jails and epairs.

This is part of a series of notes on the experimental process of getting Mininet to run on FreeBSD.

The first step is to identify the components and commands that are required to implement the basic features. 768 more words


Snickers x Nix Black Litter

Snickers and Nix had a full English black litter! The puppies from this litter are $1,500.00 each with limited AKC registration. Puppies from this litter can go home on February 27th 2016. 21 more words


Why Are Pluto's Moons So Weird?

Whether you want to call it a planet, dwarf planet, Kuiper Belt Object, or some or none of the above, there’s no denying that Pluto and its family of moons are true curiosities in the Solar System. 378 more words


Changing pager settings for Git.

It seems that on FreeBSD, the default pager is more. For Git commands involving the pager, this has the effect of displaying ANSI color escape sequences as ‘ESC[ …’ rather than coloring the text: 179 more words