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Nix and Hydra

Everyone was so sad for Pluto when it was kicked out of the planet category. Nobody considered Pluto’s moon Charon. And who even knew about Nix and Hydra? 11 more words

Date format converter from Text or Unix/Mac/Filetime/Microsoft to virtually any readable form

Brilliant Date format converter from dates in Text (almost any format) or timestamp numbers in Unix, Mac, Filetime or Microsoft (which is the same as Delphi TDateTime) format to any of these formats: 51 more words


2585 (nix)

leider hat der autor ein kurzes motivationstief. da auch keine milliardäre aus hongkong in sicht sind und auch sonst ausser bier nichts im kühlschrank ist, besteht das ganze wochenende aus abgammeln. 36 more words


How to Build Your Own Penetration Testing Drop Box – Black Hills Information Security


At testing time, the Hardkernel’s ODROID-C2 absolutely destroyed the competition in this space, so buy this:

Hardware Shopping List (links current as of 8/2/2016) 82 more words

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