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What to do when your household gets lice.....

The morning before I was told my daughter had lice, I was having the most zen time, sitting on my paddleboard solo, enjoying the water and the breeze, thinking, “how could I ever not be calm again?” That ended abruptly when the daycare worker pointed out a bug that, in my memory, I now see as a cockroach, crawling across her hair. 1,014 more words

Converting sendmail .db files to text

If you want to inverse the work of newaliases, you can use makemap to convert them to text:

makemap -u hash access.db

This is quite handy to see if the newaliases indeed put all information into the db file (for instance if you use a script, you can verify it ran correctly).

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ESXi: when esxtop shows garbage.

The ESXi console top to show processes is not available *, the alternative is esxtop. But that can show garbage because the ESXi console… 93 more words


Flush deferred messages in sendmail queue :: Stephan Paukner :: syslog

Be careful with setting the timeout of sendmail to zero when trying to flush the mail queue:

sendmail -OTimeout.hoststatus=0m -q -v

Reason: a lot of target systems do rate-limiting if you retry too much in too short time, for instance gmail does that:

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OpenSuSE Tumbleweed ntp problem after snapshot 20160905 will be fixed in snapshot 20160908

On some systems, after upgrading OpenSuSE Tumbleweed to 20160905 ntp stops working.


Pending the verification of snapshot 20160908 (not finished yet), if if you have updated to 20160905 or 20160907,, the bogus ntp version is, so you have to downgrade: 879 more words

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TUMBLEWEED Poor performance in VMware Fusion can be a `search localdomain` issue

I figured this out, it turned out to be a DNS resolution issue. For some reason leaving ‘search localdomain’ in resolv.conf generates some slowness. I’m not sure if it’s because isn’t mapped to ‘localhost.localdomain’ in /etc/hosts by default, or whatever, but taking it out fixes the performance issue.

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