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Recommended read: What I learned while securing Ubuntu - major.io

Applying security hardening standards and generally securing Ubuntu has been a challenge.

Tell me about it (:


Source: What I learned while securing Ubuntu – major.io

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Reminder to self: verify which temporary directories really need cleanup through systemd's tmpfile mechanism

Message from package aaa_base:

sysconfig settings for cleaning up temporary directories are no longer
supported. Some of the features are provided by systemd's tmpfile
mechanism instead.
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Out with the Red Frogs?!

Now I have to admit I am a HUGE fan of the old pick ‘n’ mix..the nostalgia of going to the cinema as a youngin and the joy and excitement that came with not only getting to have lollies but getting to pick my own!! 260 more words


StartSSL indeed offers free Class1 certificates for any subdomain

Thanks Craine for answering:

StartSSL does in fact offer free SSL certs for subdomains, though they are Class 1 certificates.

It works: just start the process for the domain, then when you get to the step for entering a subdomain, enter any one (of course…

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Inserting an XML declaration with nXML mode


  • how to?

    Just do

    M-x nxml-insert-xml-declaration

    Or, shortly, do

    C-c C-x

    Updating Nvidia Graphic driver on your Ubuntu 14.04/15.04/15.10 boxen

    The release of SteamOS bring a slew of new exciting new games to our beloved platform, on top of hefty discounts on them as well as a couple of other titles. 320 more words