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Do not do the math with expr

expr EXPERSSION returns 1 when the EXPERSSION is empty or 0.  Thus, you cannot really use it to do arithmetic.

For example, you may find your script doing  … 42 more words


KDE connect makes your mobile life easier

KDE Connect connects between your mobile and Linux, wirelessly.

You can copy photos, videos, or other files from mobile, or vise versa.

You can use your mobile as remote control of Linux media player, or even wireless mouse and keyboard. 145 more words


15 Useful 'sed' Command Tips and Tricks for Daily Linux System Administration Tasks

In this article we will review sed, the well-known stream editor, and share 15 tips to use it in order to accomplish the goals mentioned earlier, and more.

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NIX Milkshake Mixer

The project was based around developing an existing commercial mixer that was around 10 years old.

The Design was planned to be focusing on: