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tls - How can I verify that SSLv3 protocol is disabled? - Information Security Stack Exchange


just for completeness:

testssl.sh is a nice, console-based tool to check ssl-setups of any ssl/ts – enabled servers, in oposite to ssllabs

It helped me solving this:

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New York Dining: Serious? Vegan? Try Nix

From The Infatuation

Nix is a restaurant by and for adults – and that feeling of seriousness hangs like a chaperone over the whole experience. Kind of like you’re hanging out with a mom. 87 more words


copy nb-configuration.xml into child directories

find . -name pom.xml -type f -mindepth 2 -maxdepth 2 | xargs -I{} dirname {} | xargs -I{} cp nb-configuration.xml {}

Hey Australia....it's time to vote!

So I have to admit I am pumped and excited that this Saturday we get to do one of my FAAAAAAVE things….vote! I know nerd factor 101 but hear me out. 624 more words


Book of the Week – June 24th, 2016

I’m back from a week-long business trip, settled in, and it’s time to get back to the Book of the Week. We’re going to be taking a brief break from the relentless march of the Black Company to look at a book that took me completely by surprise:  268 more words


Packaging ngless with nix & brew

I spent a little bit of time packaging ngless in these last few days. I currently have packages for nix and homebrew. I used homebrew because I wanted to get a package for Mac OS, but there is also an easy-to-install  626 more words

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