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Njal Stormcaller - Rune Priest

When it comes to Librarians/Psychics, the Space Wolves “version of them” are Rune Priests.  My favourite Rune Priest is Njal Stormcaller:

I believe I’d nailed the dry brushing effect by the time I painted Njal :)  This is the first time I’d painted “runes” on a model, and I remember thinking that they were “quite tricky”.     121 more words


The Waaaghadist doez stuff!!! Updatez!!! [31/3/2010]

HQs in Terminator Armor; Probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do but I guess I was going for completeness. I got Logan Grimnar (to be used as my Captain Count-As), Njal Stormcaller (a substitute for my Space Hulk Librarian model), Chaplain in Terminator Armor (cause I think it’s a really cool model) and Captain in Terminator Armor (I was missing one more Terminator model for my Space Hulk so I thought “Why not?”). 194 more words

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