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Build openCONFIGURATOR on Windows 7

I’m experimenting with RPi2 and openPOWERLINK and after having an issue and posting on the openPOWERLINK discussion forum, the openPOWERLINK team replied suggesting that I try to increase the cycle time and poll response time using… 676 more words


Running Makefile on the Windows

There are many ways to run make program on the Windows, many of them will ask you to run in cygwin or similar shells. I was interested in running the makefile in the Windows so that the application generated could be used by the other Windows programs. 79 more words


No Progress is Good Progress

A short tidbit of info about RoboCopy, the Robust Copy tool from the Windows Resource Kit…. If you’re capturing StdOut and StdErr (say in CruiseControl.Net, Jenkins, or any other scripting and automation), always use the /NP switch. 104 more words


Simple wxWidgets GUI Example

Over the last few days, I’ve been working on a project using wxWidgets as the GUI toolkit. The following program is a wxWidgets GUI example. It’s not the most elegant program, but relative to most of the examples I came across when I was trying to reacquaint myself with wxWidgets, it seems simpler to me. 577 more words

A scheme for automatic build numbers in C/C++ projects

Many times it’s desirable on medium and large scale projects to generate some form of build number in a semiautomatic or automatic way to differentiate builds in order to track different release code bases, even to generate different but easily distinguishable private and public builds, on single or multiplatform projects. 681 more words