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Finding SSL protocols and ciphers using nmap

nmap is a network tool and security/port scanner.  You can use it to scan an endpoint and list all the SSL protocols and ciphers that are supported by that endpoint. 398 more words

SkyDog 1: - CTF

This is my walk-through of the SkyDog 1 challenge posted on vulnhub.com.

Full NMAP scan of host:

root@kali:~# nmap -p- -A

I begin with enumerating web services: 377 more words


[python]Intrusive python with nmap

So i was trying some simple script to invoke nmap with python. So here is a python command line version.
The python script takes in two types of arguments: 275 more words


[python]Intrusive python with nmap

Just got a new python-nmap installed, and nmap installed on my mac, did a small try out on manipulating the result.

here’s the code:

import nmap

host = ''
nm = nmap.PortScanner()
nm.scan(host, '22')
state = nm['tcp']['state']
print("{} tcp/22 is {}".format(host,state))
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Top Security Testing Tools to Identify Potential Security Threats

Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and its money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain- Kevin Mitnick…

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Security Testing

strobe - tcp/ip scanner

strobe é um dos primeiros tcp/ip scanners.


Foi programado em 1995. Talvez seja o primeiro scanner mais completo criado, sido programado 2 anos antes do nmap ser lançado, hoje é o maior e melhor ip scanner. 752 more words


Metasploit & Armitage

Armitage is a GUI based Metasploit, it save your time to remember all cli commands in metasploit and visualize scanning results.  Both of the tools are available in kalilinux. 685 more words