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Logging on to a Raspberry pi remotely

For anyone who has a Raspberry Pi (rPi), and wants to access it without having to attach a monitor and keyboard, here are some basic instructions on how to do that. 399 more words


Nmap & Port Scanning

Orang-orang “IT Security” atau “Network Security” hampir semua mengetahui software scanning satu ini. Nmap sendiri di rilis pada tahun ’97 secara publik di majalah phrack edisi 51. 429 more words


Operations Security: Tools for Penetration Testing

This article discusses concepts and techniques used for the practice of penetration testing. Main theories address cost efficiency, limits, and advantages of popular pen testing operations. 845 more words


Trovare in pochi passaggi l'indirizzo locale di Raspberry

Nel caso in cui volessimo collegarci al nostro Raspberry è fondamentale conoscere l’indirizzo locale assegnato dal nostro router; nel caso in cui i computer collegati alla rete siano in numero ridotto è possibile andare a tentativi conoscendo l’indirizzo ip di almeno un computer collegato in rete (ad esempio quello da cui si vuole far partire la connessione verso Raspberry) e la maschera di sottorete ci si riconduce ad un range di Ip che il router mette a disposizione per la propria rete Lan. 154 more words


Nmap - Host Discovery Techniques

Banyak dari system administrator akan mem-block ICMP request terhadap system yang mereka handle karena alasan keamanan. Jadi untuk mengetahui apakah host tersebut up atau… 818 more words


PhDays V _ огляд доповідей

В очікуванні відео з конференції Black Hat переглянув записи з івенту Positive Technologies.

Лінки на YouTube + коротка анотація від себе: 33 more words


What is NMAP?

NMAP stands for Network Mapper. It’s a free and open source utility for network exploration and security auditing. Originally written by Gordon Fyodor Lyon and made feature-rich by the open source community, it is the de facto tool for port scanning, host detection, and fingerprinting service and OS. 228 more words