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Nmap Reconnaissance

I’m going to show how to scan your network with Nmap with these simple steps. Take note that Nmap was already installed in your Kali machine all you need is type the following but we will use the simple one. 133 more words


Has your sleeping baby been indexed by this search engine?

If you’re interested in internet insecurity, you’ve probably heard of Shodan.

The name Shodan (more properly, SHODAN) is short for Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network… 742 more words


Test a web server with SSL/TLS for HTTP methods

The easiest way to test a web server for supported HTTP methods is by using Nmap http-methods NSE script. The syntax is simple:

nmap -p <port> – -script http-methods <target> 200 more words


Nmap Scanning

Scanning Systems (Live) slow or stealth : 

Scanning must be done after establishing a tor circuit.
Use nmap -T2 -sn <IP Range> -oX IP-Range.xml command to scan and save the results. 54 more words


KALI - MASSCAN - Faster than NMAP

This is the fastest Internet port scanner. It can scan the entire Internet in under 6 minutes, transmitting 10 million packets per second.

Masscan scans a port at a time, whereas NMAP scans a host at a time.   80 more words

The worst explanation of networking, ever

(This post is going to introduce a lot of jargon, and I’ll probably refer to it from future posts.)

Making a network connection to a computer involves an IP address (the computer’s address on the internet) and a port number. 521 more words

Credible Hacking

Simple BASH Server Check Script

Recently I have been working on some BASH scripts to remotely check the status of various servers.  There are lots of paid and free tools out there to do this kind of monitoring but for those wanting to try out their own scripts below is some useful commands and hints you can use. 408 more words