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First Post! Kanye West's Web Mail Server STILL Vulnerable

About a month and half before this post, James Jeffery posted a recon tutorial to Reddit’s How to Hack subreddit using kanyewest.com as the target. Jeffery’s recon found a vulnerable version of Exchange running on one of West’s webmail servers. 359 more words


Debugging network problems with nmap

nmap is a powerful tool that can help you debug network issues. It will show you which ports are open or filtered.  This information can be very useful when you have a remote service running (e.g. 74 more words

BASH ping sweeper

I had a little problem that was annoying me for a while. I wanted to learn BASH scripting, however, I didn’t really have an idea or a problem to solve using it. 309 more words

Pen Testing

Nmap commands

Find hosts/devices on the network

nmap -sP
To find out what devices are on the network you need to know the ip of the router. 137 more words

Nmap QuickRef

NMAP functions

1. Port scanning
2. Host or device detection
3. Service detection
4. OS fingerprinting
5. Multi target scanning 173 more words


Linux Routers Potentially Vulnerable To Telnet Worm

In late March ESET security published a blog post detailing how an updated version of an existing malware infection can exploit many consumer broadband routers and wireless access points. 411 more words

Security Advice

[In Nepali] Learn Ethical Hacking - Part 7 - Scanning + NMAP Lab

In this video, I will give some theory of Scanning. After that, I will provide a lab demo on Kali Linux Nmap Command Lines.