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Gorechosen Vexnar the Reaper

Gorechosen seems to be one of the best releases by GW in a long time. Great price, rules look very good for a nice casual game that can be played with non-gamer friends, and four awesome figures are included. 102 more words


Joe "Scarface" Turner

“OK, say hello to my little friend!” *

This post is about painting my Mayacast Masterglass Q4 Tagline entry: Scarface
I also used the TAG as my entry into the best painted miniature category at the NO 7 event back in November.

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#KillFridays Exclusive: NYE Edition

It is yet another Friday, which means we have a dope #KillFridays playlist to get you through the weekend and the festivities of bringing in… 362 more words


Panoceania Indigo brother Konstantinos

Hello! Konstantinos is a very good profile on the table and a better miniature. I think the pose is superb and very dynamic. He is almost a “must” in my Panoceania lists so I wanted to give him the good paintjob a mini so deserves. 245 more words


Skeletons from Classic HeroQuest

Boy oh boy, am I glad to be done with these guys.  I really enjoyed painting the first skeleton, but after painting bone after bone after bone…  There’s just not that much variety in skeletons, and I had to really push to get through all of these. 305 more words