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Sons of Horus Reaver with banestrike bolter

Hello all! The holidays for me are only two weeks ahead, therefore I have now a lot to do and to finish in my job. That means less time to paint in the past days :( . 116 more words


Night Lords cataphractii terminator squad

Hello! As promised yesterday here the complete squad of Atramentar for the NL! The idea is to teleport them within 6″ from Sevatar so they don´t scatter, then they should cut their way through the enemy ;) 18 more words


Night Lords cataphractii terminator 5

Hi all! The last atramentar for the NL is here! Tomorrow I will upload pics of the whole squad. Then I will be moving on to the Sons of Horus again. 37 more words


Fimir from Classic HeroQuest

After painting the large groups of Gobins and Skeletons for HeroQuest (twelve minis for each group), I decided I needed a little more immediate gratification. So for my third group, I decided to paint the Fimirs, which only require six minis to cover all expansions.  619 more words


Night Lords cataphractii terminator 4

Hello! Today I bring to you the fourth member of the Atramentar squad of the NL. There is only one more to go and then I will post pics of the whole squad. 68 more words


Panoceania Bolt

Hi! This one had taked more time as expected to paint, I think it ist because it has so many different colours and details. I think that it is a very cool mini. 83 more words