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Night Lords cataphractii terminator 4

Hello! Today I bring to you the fourth member of the Atramentar squad of the NL. There is only one more to go and then I will post pics of the whole squad. 68 more words


Panoceania Bolt

Hi! This one had taked more time as expected to paint, I think it ist because it has so many different colours and details. I think that it is a very cool mini. 83 more words


Panoceania Joan of Arc

Hello! We come back today to infinity to have a look to Joan of Arc for Panoceania! This one was tough to paint but the mini deserves it. 284 more words


Panoceania Black Friar

Hello! I was incredible busy the past weeks (weekend inclusive!), therefore I couldn´t paint almost anything. I want to recover a good pace in the next weeks so I hope I will be able to share with you more post in the coming weeks  :) 195 more words


NMM analysis

Stock I currently own and figured we would take a look at some early conversations.

Why NMM and not some other company?

This kind of sums it up… 436 more words