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High Elf Star Player

My first completed miniature of 2018 is another of my own sculpts. Actually this one was sculpted quite a long time ago (well before Drazhar… 215 more words

Finished Work: Painting

Panoceania Swiss Guard

Hi! Today I want to show you the Panoceania Swiss Guard for Infinity. I find the miniature total awesome and it is a very very good troop in the battlefield. 148 more words


Verminous from Descent 2E

Having bested the brutality of Bol’Goreth in the Trollfens, our adventures in Descent were destined to lead us next into the Shadow of Nerekhall campaign. This expansion contains several new features for the game, not least of which is four additional Lieutenants. 1,081 more words


My hobby resolutions for 2018

And now we get to the important part of the new year’s festivities: seeing how far I’ve come in hobbying over the past year, and figuring out where to go from here. 1,239 more words

Bol'Goreth from Descent 2E

Of all the expansions in Descent Second Edition, the Trollfens was the one I was most excited to crack open. Not only did the expansion contain the Plague Worms, which are one of my favorite monster sculpts (hopefully soon to be painted), but the featured Lieutenant is the hulking troll brute named Bol’Goreth. 1,291 more words


More Samurai for the Ii clan

We are playing a lot of In Her Majesty┬┤s Name games lately and I tried the Samurai list for the first time a few weeks ago. 212 more words