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VIDEO: Nneka – Nothing

Nneka Lucia Egbuna aka Nneka is a Nigerian hip hop/soul/reggae singer, songwriter and actress. She sings in both Igbo and English.

Nneka releases visuals to her song Nothing.

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2017 "Baby Boom!" Calendar – January Story

Welcome to the first monthly post of 2017 elaborating on the featured photos in my “Baby Boom!” calendar. I decided to create two calendar choices for this year because I saw no way I could reasonably ignore the explosion of births at the Toronto Zoo over the previous 15 months or so, but at the same time I knew there would be a few returning customers who would prefer to purchase the style of calendar to which they had become accustomed: a general array of animals of all ages. 1,545 more words

Shining Star by Nneka

I’m actually surprised I haven’t written about this song yet, but enough time has passed that it’s about time!

“You’re my peace of mind…”

That time we drove the rental out into the Oregon back woods, ‘where are we going?’, ‘does it matter?’, that little path we found to the creek, you looked like you were fishing upstream walking barefoot on those cold creek stones, I looked like I was drowning -terrified I might be, we crawl through the moss, you look like a real nature warrior, ‘does it look like this where you’re from?’, ‘no, does it look like this where you’re from?’, ‘no,’ 55 more words

Monday, September 26th

A prediction I made in 2011—she’d be a big star someday—seems to have come true: this has over 8 million views.

Nneka, “Walking,” live, Berlin, 2015… 22 more words

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There is something sexy, playful, and mysterious about a half covered face with a rim of a hat. The Dad hat or baseball cap is a essential for me on a bad hair day, but as of recent times, its become a staple in my wardrobe.   54 more words

School Supplies Seller Dedicated to Representing Black Culture

Single mother and twenty seven year old, Nneka, is owner of the online school supply company, “Innovative Supplies.” The brand features products that represent black culture while displaying socially motivated events that are present in today’s culture. 150 more words

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Nneka Egbuna

Tivoli Vredenburg – Utrecht, Netherlands

“I Am Complicated But I Am Simple At Same Time”

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