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No.6 – Vol 1 Chap 1 (2)

Trans: Miju
CHAPTER 1: Nezumi, con chuột ướt sũng (tiếp) 4,094 more words


No. 6

Dystopian worlds, insects, and childhood encounters, oh my! 1,185 more words


No. 6 4

Atsuko Asano / Hinoki Kino – Kodansha USA – 2013 – 9 volumes

Huh.  I just realized that Atsuko Asano also wrote Manzai Comics, a series that probably nobody remembers or read.  397 more words

No. 6

30-Day Song Challenge Day 8: Songs That Make/Made You Cry

I know, shame on me for being a day late. But I’m not skipping any days in this challenge, so I’ll just post two today. Now to pick today’s songs . 657 more words


No. 6 by Atsuko Asano

No. 6 is an anime (2011), manga and written novel (2003) that follows Shion and Nezumi. They are two boys living in No. 6, a utopia (dystopia) in one of the six habitable after the earth has been ravaged by war. 971 more words

Mini Moke Hub Caps

Fellow Prisoner fan Jeremy from Jersey (Channel Islands) very kindly sent me some parts that work as hub caps for the Mini Mokes, making them more accurate, since the Taxis used in filming had them. 19 more words