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No. 6, what a surprise

I randomly heard about this while viewing anime forums looking for a specific anime containing an assassin. I don’t know the name of either the character or the anime. 850 more words


The City of No. 6

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday. Where I feature fantastical architecture that’s been featured in anime. Maybe you noticed it, maybe you didn’t, but I’m always looking at the buildings that character inhabit and the environment they interact with. 445 more words


Background Notes - Madrid

As with Lisbon, No. 5 on the list, Spain and Madrid suffered the same fate as Portugal and Lisbon on my inter-rail trips. It probably had something to do with heat to be honest. 101 more words


An Eye full of Reflections (Part Five) - Steve Tanham

Our visit to the actual village of Portmeirion ended quietly, but with an interesting mosaic of happenings. We rejoined our colleagues, silent in our own conclusions – for everyone must find their own in a place like this, and there can be no right or wrong, for the author, McGoohan, is long departed. 389 more words

The Silent Eye