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And so the journey begins...

I met my husband, Steve, through a mutual friend and I knew in about two weeks that I was going to marry this man.  He was handsome, creative, funny, caring, and I just knew he would be a wonderful father one day.   634 more words

Fur Babies

Life is an adventure meant to be lived!

Step 1 of life: Your are born! 

Step 2 of life: Go to school and graduate high school. 

Step 3 of life: Go to college and graduate.   482 more words

Cursed Crown - Chapter 22

Sungmin sudah jauh lebih baik saat ia bangun keesokan harinya. Kyuhyun masih melihat lingkar hitam di mata bulat bocah itu, dengan gundukan membengkak di kantung matanya sisa-sisa tangisnya semalam. 8,046 more words

Indonesian Fiction

You don t have children so you don t know!

Oh please, someone shoots me now (joke!)… I am so tired to hear this sentence! “You don’t have children, you don’t know how it is to be with them all the time”, “You can’t understand how strong love is until you have children”, “You don’t know what being tired means…”.Please don’t assume a nanny doesn’t understand how it is like to be with children all the time. 168 more words

Sometimes happy = childless (or better: child-free)

I want to write a story about an exceptional young woman, who, for the purpose of this post, I will name Jane.

As I said, Jane is an extraordinary young woman. 537 more words


Sonnet 9 (IX) by William Shakespeare

Is it for fear to wet a widow’s eye
That thou consum’st thyself in single life?
Ah! if thou issueless shalt hap to die,
The world will wail thee like a makeless wife; 90 more words


My Life In June #11 -Lots Of Swears!

So…I opened the letter. It took hours of radio silence for me to get angry enough to do it. I kept checking to see if he’d seen or replied to any messages. 137 more words