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Shy Sunny

Beautiful Sunny is a timid but friendly cat, he just needs somebody to help him find his courage. He is looking for a quiet, adult home, he wouldn’t mind if he was an indoor cat. 52 more words

For Homing

I am tired of crying, or how the wine band-aid barely held

I am not hungover.  I am mildly sick to my stomach, and I can tell I’m mildly dehydrated, but I’m not hungover.

This makes me feel as though I didn’t make enough of an effort to drink last night at the reunion. 493 more words


Who He Was

Who He Was                                                                 September 2018

When Jesus was here on Earth, he was fully man but also fully God. This article is about Jesus the man, his family, and how he conducted himself the first 30 years of his life. 569 more words

Don't Ask. Just. Don't. Ask.

As a child I played with dolls like any ‘normal’ little girl. The women in my family had all been mothers and housewives and brought me up as such, encouraging me to find a man rather than a career. 578 more words

The lady loves...

Hi I’m Nicola and here I am actually trying to start my own blog.

Why am I doing this? Well I have a creative side that I feel I need to get out there. 259 more words

Puppies Over Parenthood

There are increasing numbers of people adopting pets rather than having kids, with the Oxford Dictionary adding the term ‘fur baby’ to its official lexicon in 2015. 523 more words

Being a Rockstar Aunty

There are also plenty of childfree women who have oodles of love, affection and advice to share with nieces, nephews and friends’ kids as their honorary aunties. 517 more words