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Birthday Card

My oldest son envisioned an eclectic assemblage of characters for a birthday card he wanted to give someone, so we ended up making this.


Looking for Kaonashi

No Face or Kaonashi is my favorite Ghibli character. He’s just the right amount of cute, creepy and innocent. Plus if you research a bit on the internet his ‘backstory’ and people’s interpretation of him is quite interesting. 128 more words


Vampire Code: Ada Complex

“Cowabunga!” yelled Rocket, after he ditched his clothes and ran naked towards the boardwalk in the Spice District.

“Oh, to be three and free!” said their ama. 1,414 more words

New World Symphony

The Modern Animated Classic, Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli): Review By, Mark Yang

A classic story of a 10-year old girl named Chihiro, as she and her family drive around the forest in hopes of moving into their new house but unknowingly stumble upon the world of spirits, a place where humans aren’t supposed to be. 1,385 more words


No Face Stitch:  WIP

Taking a quick detour from my other projects to stitch a cute No Face cross stitch from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

Found a cute pixel pattern and just had to give it a try. 39 more words


Revelations from "Spirited Away"

This post contains spoilers, so if you’ve never seen Spirited Away, stop what you’re doing, go watch it, and then come back.  Got that done?  Excellent. 561 more words


No face e-reader sleeve // Crochet //

I hadn’t got a cover for my kindle and I was constantly worried about it getting scratched in my bag, so I made one! Ta da! 62 more words