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You too can make a No Face costume and win Halloween

It’s impossible not to love Spirited Away’s No Face, right? Beautiful and enigmatic with the right amount of creepy makes him/her a perfect Halloween costume. This year, with a couple of work-free days right before Halloween, I set about becoming No Face with my glamorous live-in assistant, John. 1,008 more words


Twelve Blankets in Twelve Months: #7

I’ve switched from labeling my blankets with months to numbering them. This is blanket number 7. He is No Face from Spirited Away.

I was originally going to make a whole Studio Ghibli blanket for my daughter but instead decided to focus on No Face. 188 more words

Spirited Away: A Movie Review

A Studio Ghibli animated film, Spirited Away is about a girl named Chihiro and she is moving out to a new home with her parents. While they were on their way to their new home, they stopped by a town and they saw a banquet of food not knowing that these belong to the spirits who live in the spirit world. 330 more words

Tree Spirit & No-Face

These little paintings measure 4” x 4” each and are, of course, continuing my fascination with the films of Hayao Miyazaki.  “Tree Spirit” depicts one of the many tiny spirits who live in the forest in the film, “Princess Mononoke.”  They are indicators of a happy, healthy and thriving environment.  85 more words

OaBoa Has No Face

I hate this time of year. I’ve never enjoyed the scary creatures or the fake dismembered bodies that seem to mark this time of year. Halloween stores pop up and people love the blood and gore. 1,526 more words