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Losing Friends When You're Chronically Ill

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation about best friends with my friend Merete (@frkgraham on Instagram). We talked about toxic friendships, getting left behind, friends moving on without us. 400 more words

Chronic Illness

No one

I wish I had someone to talk to. I wish I had friends. I feel like I won’t get friends ever again. Everyone hates me. The only person I talk to is my boyfriend. 129 more words

Being unfriended IRL

Being unfriended on a social media site like Facebook is not that much of a big deal really, like “oh no, this person won’t see all of the things that mean nothing that I write about most of the time, all because they unfriended me on Facebook *sad face*”. 498 more words


Because I Have No Idea Where My About Me Went...

Is it too cliche to start a moody blog on my birthday, that all my FRIENDS forgot about? Maybe, but fuck it here we go. 104 more words

Real Life

I'm ready to tell the world. -Anonymously.

There will always be shit you never tell just anyone. So here’s mine in bullet points:

Back to square 0

Not square 1 because square one is where people were actually talking to me. So 0 is where I apparently have managed to piss off everyone. 268 more words

Friend Problems


I’m just going to dive right in..

I was 2 when I started pre-school, I remember the school(very hazily) but don’t remember having any friends there.. 171 more words