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Похуй Как-то

In real life, people don’t want to be friends with me or anything.

I never get invited to anything, people openly dislike me and avoid me and yet, every single day I still have to get up and try to convince myself that I’m a fierce bitch. 80 more words


So...where did all my 'friends' go?

Let me first start out by saying hello.


I am starting to wonder what the fuck has happened to me over the past 7 years. 290 more words


College Blues...

I’ve had some college blues lately. Where they came from? I’m not positive, but they’re here. The school itself is great: good classes, decent grades, like all my professors, and even recently got a job to help with my federal work study! 295 more words



These “Numbers” of Favoritism,
Chosen kindly….so free,
And just as defining..
…It grew ..timely.. with me.
For as young as it possible,
All “ 236 more words


I Don't Have Many Friends / Anxiety

I don’t have many friends. By friends, I mean people that I talk with regularly. I know plenty of people at school, but I would consider them casual school friends–not good or close friends–since I never talk to hardly any of them outside of school. 464 more words

No Friends

It's Been a While

What’s up guys! (or whoever reads my blog lol)

I decided to post because….I haven’t posted in a while, why else?

Not really much to talk about, besides the fact that I feel like I’m always working. 364 more words