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The RY Men's Fellowship Series - Acceleration: Depression

Due to the nature of this topic, it is definitely one of the hardest issues to speak about (and I’ve already done a whole article and session based on porn). 1,230 more words

An Introduction

In the months since moving to Seattle, I’ve faced many disappointments in trying to forge a social life and gain friends. I am by no means a social butterfly, but I believed this move across the country would allow me to become who I’ve always wanted to become: a normal, socially adequate, and properly functioning adult. 430 more words


Late night thoughts 

I’ll be going to sleep soon but just wanted to type this.

I hope this month I will make some new acquaintances that might turn into friends? 73 more words

I have no friends

How depressing is this? My mom and brother went to our cabin yesterday. My dad taking care of his boat. Basically what I’m saying is that I’m home alone for the weekend. 517 more words

Life In The Fullest

I'm a feeler

not a thinker.

I just thought of that line while thinking about those what are they called, the 16 personalities test and how I didn’t agree with the first one I got, or at least the title of it (most else in the description was eerily accurate) because it said “The Intellectual” or something like that (actually I think it was architect, the word intellectual was just in there somewhere) and I’m not an intellectual, and then I imagined talking about it with faceless fictional people as I often do because I have no one to actually talk to and looks like I never will, and then I thought of that line. 641 more words

Solo Travel


There are times when I must ask myself questions… Hard questions that I don’t want to address. But there comes a point in my week when enough IS enough. 222 more words


Dear Friend-Seeker,

I feel your struggle. I made a “How to” list for both you and me.

1. Headphones out. Jam to Spotify as loudly as you would like at home, but in public, take your earbuds out. 322 more words