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Loneliness and loss: a lifetime of good-byes

The maiden’s life has been a series of good-byes and losses. The loss of her birth family when she was brought into care. The loss of her foster family and friends when she was adopted and moved away. 804 more words

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Not Having Friends Can Happen

Video link: youtu.be/vDEUWlmiBUs

Gem’s Journal Entry 1, August 5, 2017

5 months ago, I graduated from university and decided to take further studies. Originally, myself and three of my friends were to apply to the same university for masters and live in the same house. 1,094 more words

When will I feel OK?


I had a bad day today, since moving into my partners house, I’ve not really had anyone I can talk to.

So I’ll talk to my blog. 77 more words

A Pest

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She knew that no one really liked her.  They considered her a pest at the best of times.  She had questions and was sure they could be answered.   591 more words



Your Secret
is Safe with Me, I have
No One to Tell.

I'm basically alone

Hi, it’s been a while, ignore that. I’ve got a double bed now which every time I get into reminds me of my loneliness. My duvet wraps me up but then there’s an empty space staring back at me shouting “you’re lonely”, it reminds me everyday and night. 774 more words

Everyone is dead, you have no friends, and you dropped your ice cream while having an asthma attack.

.You’ve been waiting forever for your favorite author to publish another book. They announce a book release date. It happens, suddenly you realize you NEED to get to the book store. 118 more words