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Friends Today

Friends, like an old pair of jeans that you’ve worn in well. The right ones get to that stage, comfortable and stood the test of time. 653 more words

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Lately Sherry has been talking to herself

quite often

wondering where the clouds go

where her dream lies


friends all gone towards their own life… 6 more words


“Be yourself” they say

But how

How can you be yourself

You are always trying to be like someone else

Whether you realize it or not… 235 more words

Advantages & Disadvantages of Having No Friends from College

Having No Friends From College…And Why That May Not Be So Bad

I have zero friends from college. (I did at one point, so I can share my experience objectively.) While that may appear to set me up for a boring college journey, it actually hasn’t. 930 more words


I let my racing thoughts at 1 AM consume me.

Recently I shared a meme on Facebook.

It got a few likes, a share, a couple of comments. It was lighthearted. It made me laugh when I saw it. 564 more words


My Lonely Childhood

All my life I wanted to either be a medieval knight. Why? Because I watched A Knight’s Tale and Lord of the Rings. And in those movies, they rode horses and they were badass, so I wanted to ride a horse and be badass, too. 302 more words