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Current situation

Anxiety is killing me. Almost as much as my depression is.

I am currently renting my family home from my parents who have moved 250 miles away with my sister – and the house has been sold to first time buyers so in the next few weeks or months I have to move. 278 more words

And realization of the year award goes to...

I made a realization today. I really don’t have friends.. I don’t really talk to many people either. I kind of forgot how to make friends.. 87 more words


The Strange scenario of losing Friends..

Throughout the months of battling this life swallowing disease the same question has flowed through my mind again and again: Why have I lost so many friends to this disease? 1,108 more words


Depression, Social Anxiety and Not Making Friends

In 2011, I became lonely after I graduated high school and entered college. I tried to keep up with my friends in high school, but we were on different paths and eventually separated. 316 more words



My GCSEs started today, so naturally I’ve been quite stressed and panicky. Last night, I tried to get to sleep really early (9:20pm, to be exact) but I didn’t manage to fall asleep for about an HOUR, even though I was exhausted. 595 more words


It’s Friday the 13th today, haha. At present, I just feel like writing about how lonely I feel, because it is something that is seriously affecting my life at the moment, and has been for, gosh, around 3 years. 813 more words


As per usual, I am feeling rather drained – both emotionally and physically. This is not such a good thing as my GCSEs start next week – NEXT FUCKING WEEK – and I do  363 more words