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Rather have no friends!!! 😎

These so called “friends” turn into snakes 🐍

Life Happens 👀

An Introduction

Hello my name’s Becca. I’ve decided to finally start a blog, because I’m so lonely I cant cope, even if no one reads this I love to write and I can only hope it’ll help me in some way to write how I feel. 449 more words


It's my birthday!

That’s right, today I have successfully managed to not die for 18 years. Hurrah!

I have so much fucking work to do. I am going to die and not pass any of my exams and not get into university and starve. 310 more words


School Sucks

SCHOOL- A place where supposedly we are to know everything there is to know without any practical use later in life.

So, school started back again and I was right, I didn’t miss school, I was just hungry. 265 more words

The 30th

it’ll be my 21st birthday. I know, you’re supposed to get plastered with friends, but it won’t be that cool since all my friends are 40 years old or older. 18 more words

"What's the plan here, Phil?"

Life as a parent sucks! Now before you “perfect skip thru meadow everything is fucking perfect parents” spit your bullets of guilt at me, grit your teeth, bite your tongue and hear me out. 677 more words

Friends ? Uh yeah...

Friends.  Something you see on all TV shows, movies, they even have songs about how much your friends mean to you.  Well I did not have that growing up and I still do not to this day.  327 more words