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No-Heat in No-Time Curls and volume

While any good magazine will tell you, using heat products on hair is damaging, drying, and in the long-term, frizzing. I’m sure you have heard before, in order to give your hair a break and restore it’s luscious natural state, it is essential to take a break from heat styling. 430 more words


Monday Salad

Have you ever sat down to relax on Sunday evening and had the realization that the only vegetable you’d consumed in the entire day was an onion ring?   573 more words


Piece for peace

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and she asked me how my work was going. I launched into a mini-tirade (ok, maybe not so mini) about how some particular I work with didn’t treat me fairly, in my opinion. 490 more words

How to: braided top knot

Hello everyone! Today I am doing something that I don’t do very often- a hair tutorial! I always look for videos on heatless hairstyles but they always have some of their hair out and if you’re like me and you wake up like this on a  489 more words


Sleep, a real snoozer

Sleep when the wind blows

Sleep, as you may know, is when the brain gets it’s royal flush from the toxins of the day. Much as the lymph system moves the toxins and congestion from the body, the brain literally gets washed nightly. 834 more words


DIY Hair Straightening Mask

We all would love to have straight hair, right? But all you girls facing frizzy and wavy hair who go for chemical treatments every 6 months, why not try something which is natural and harmless. 147 more words


Summer Hairstyles | Inspiration (Part 4)

Hello, world! Welcome to the fourth (and presumably) the last installation of the Summer Hairstyles | Inspiration series. This blog post contains two hairstyles as opposed to the traditional three. 214 more words