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Hold My Hand

Roaming alone in the crazy field,

In the rain without any shield,

Fear traps me everywhere,

no hope to grow anywhere,

Oh Al-mighty hold my hand, Let you give me just one stand. 78 more words


When All Hope Is Lost....

They told me that after my surgery I would feel better than ever. They told me that the pills should stop my period, which would help with the endometriosis. 126 more words



Where do I begin? Okay. I’m about to ask you some questions so you can kind of assume if you’ll be able to relate to my situation or not. 627 more words


Who am I?

Well I am a person with creative mind. Also I have or had a disability. My grammar horrible and my word placement. But I get my words clear. 224 more words


its a fling thing

sneaking out late at night

sneaking a glance in the day

waiting for this to feel right

waiting for you to want to stay

wanting to be more than your whore… 44 more words

First Post

No Hope

Along with no change comes no hope.

Even with change for the better there is still the reality of no hope in life. Improvement doesn’t always lead to success. 286 more words

grandma and grandad

Your both gone now. I managed to get to a point where I could deal with looking you. But for some reason today I am feeling so low and upset. 182 more words

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