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Ο ψυχασθενής και οι δύο βόμβες: Οι πολιτικοί μας στον κόσμο τους και ο Ερντογάν στον δικό του


Η Ελλάδα είναι ήδη μία χώρα χωρίς δόντια… Βασικά – για να παρουσιάσω την κατάσταση με ακρίβεια – μία πτωχευμένη χώρα είναι, με κατοίκους που δεν έχουν κανένα μέλλον. Πάντα με τα σημερινά δεδομένα. Αλλά επειδή οι πολιτικοί μας είναι οι πιο έξυπνοι άνθρωποι στον κόσμο, κατάφεραν να κρατήσουν επτασφράγιστο το… μυστικό. 


Living with pain

A few years after my car accident, my dad and I were at a court doctors’ appointment and they had previously done extensive testing at several specialists to determine the validity of my headache… I was looking forward to this appointment because I assumed I would get test results and answers. 337 more words

the happiness element

I’ve been through some hellish times in my lifetime. Tragedy, loss, sadness and abuse to name a few. Not that I’m any different than the normal person. 869 more words

The Nothing


okay guys i’m legit sacred of whats happening to me. i have never known fear like this before. it clings to me, hovers around me. sometimes i forget it’s there but and then i shiver, cold suddenly surrounds me as it strokes me lovingly, it’s most prized pet. 77 more words

She stalks

​​When someone breaks their leg, gets a tattoo or has a minor surgery they are instructed to take it easy, take these medications, do these simple steps and “before you know it, you’ll feel just fine.” 458 more words


August 3 - The Flip Side

Isaiah 64-66

The books of prophesy contain so much hope for God’s people. Christian, there is joy ahead. There is peace. Our longings met, and our hunger and thirst satisfied. 190 more words

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