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Living on a diet of Pills

Living on a diet of

Chocolate and cigarettes

I want to call you again

Life has been more or less a blur off late. I wake up, do things-or sometimes not and then night comes along and I’m still there. 325 more words


When you feel stuck in life

For a couple of weeks err months I had been feeling stuck; stationary; inhibited.

The thing about feeling confined is that, with nowhere to move in front and behind, it makes it difficult to think about moving upwards. 492 more words


Video / Straw man / nature of the cage

330 million people in Canada and the US , all of us need to watch and understand this video

Huh May God Have Mercy On Us All ! 87 more words


Death At The Station.

Hello Dollsz,

It’s been a long while but it has al been worth while! I hope you are all ok? I trust you are, my dollsz are the shit! 661 more words

Standing on Broken Dreams - High Hopes Fade Away and Die

I am one of those (poor, unfortunate) souls who dreams vividly regardless of whether they are amazing, happy, random or terrifying. When I awake from my dreams, I am usually left with the residual emotions which can linger with me throughout the day, sometimes transforming into recurring thoughts. 1,364 more words

Songs About Relationship


She’s gone.

I left her on the floor to be placed in a garbage bag before being  put in a fridge.

I have lost my life. 606 more words