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I feel the need

to curl into my own skin

to recede

into my own being

I feel the need

to cut out those who care… 53 more words


Chthonic Cycles

a calm has settled upon me

the tumultuous thoughts of this morning

have settled somewhere safely in a corner

a part of my mind where hurts go to heal… 110 more words


Death of me...

Yes,  I have thought about it. Slicing the skin, feeling the warmth of life flow from me. Feeling the fading of my mind, feeling my heartbeat slow down, feeling my consciousness go away, feeling everything melt away, feeling my skin grow cold as it sits in the warm puddle of my soul.   30 more words


Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

On Friday, Jacob deGrom reminded Mets fans that the best path to victory for this team is one where the bullpen is never involved in the game. 354 more words

What you do...

I used to be able to capture all your attention. Now I’m lucky to get 5 minutes. When I need you, you are elsewhere. When you need me, I am there for you. 40 more words



I sleep in a ball, my back turned to you because you make me feel insignificant. I cry alone because you make me feel insignificant. I seek others because you make me feel insignificant. 43 more words


A string around my finger

There’s nothing like being a daily reminder of being worthless to everybody. Seeing yourself as nobody because nobody loves you and everything you want is unattainable. 66 more words

Breaking Heart