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"Its OK Mommy" Heartbreaking words from daughter of Diamond Reynolds

This week, a 4 year old girl went on a car ride with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend.

If she’s like any of the typical 4 year olds I know, she would have been excited at the prospect of a car ride… busily chatting along with her mom about anything and everything, pointing out random things that would only draw the interest of a child around that age. 317 more words

Eden 2.0

Artwork by Allie Trimboli

by Panic Surfer 

(the destruction)

Humanity had destroyed themselves in a final great war. The World Wars began to blend together, sometimes overlapping. 2,516 more words

Panic Surfer

Man-porn addiction

So I caved into watching man-porn today – now I feel like shit.   Beforehand I was feeling confused and now I just feel rotten.  When I say rotten – I don’t feel guilty or a sense of shame, but physically I feel out of whack and on edge. 299 more words

Porn Addiction

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I don’t know why my spirit is so weighed down. Something is happening in the spiritual realm, and I can’t make out what it is. I can’t eat, sleep, work, or concentrate on anything. 458 more words


Hitting my head against the wall

Don’t worry I don’t mean literally hitting my head, just figuratively. Life is just so frustrating at the moment. I made a post about so-called “progress” and yes I have made some good changes, but I’ve made some not so good changes and some things feel like they’re never going to change. 439 more words

Mental Health

Horrible day, no hope for humankind

With today’s tragedy, the shooting of MP Jo Cox, I am overwhelmingly fed up with the human race and its habitual inability to evolve beyond hateful savages when times are tough.   469 more words