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Depressions vacuum

It’s in the hushed wooshes
Of cars speeding by
Lorries reversing
With a warning
Engines roaring

The breeze
The horizon
The sun setting golden
Birds silhouetted on branches… 77 more words


The Douchetard Waiter

Hey, a guy I didn’t meet online!!! Yay!!!! He was a waiter at one of my favorite restaurants. He was super flirty with me and my friend and I just told her it was because he wanted a bigger tip. 139 more words

Whatever you do don't stay here!

Judges 19:12-20

To here these words, “Whatever you don don’t stay here!”, makes you get the sense of serious consciences if you stayed in that place. 533 more words


The cracks between the walls

There may be one or two people ‘of a certain age’ out there still watching Dr Who. If so, you might recognise the phrase ‘cracks between the walls’ – a reference to the cracks created by the Silence when they blew up the Tardis. 371 more words

Middle Life


“It’s funny when you feel as if you don’t want anything more in your life except to sleep, or else to lie without moving. That’s when you can hear time sliding past you, like water running.”  ―  106 more words