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Top 10 Things to Do with No Internet

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of being without internet for most of Saturday. When I first went to turn on my Netflix and have no success I started to panic. 618 more words

Top Tens

"Summer has set in with its usual severity."

Yesterday I mentioned how living in anĀ air conditioned house was like a voluntary solitary confinement. This morning, to add to the isolation, I was totally disconnected from the digital world. 354 more words


Iffy Internet- Crappy Computer

Trying to blog with shitty internet and crappy computers really sucks!

I’m still struggling to grow my audience. It’s been so hard the last few months with all the issues I’ve had (still having) with the internet and my computers. 172 more words


writing outdoors

After two weeks of (failed) attempts to access the internet from where I am staying I have finally given up. It still frustrates me and rives me demented that I can’t just quickly look something up when writing but I have arranged to drop in on my mother every now and then to surf the web and get work done, not ideal but the best solution for now. 150 more words


Daily Walk

I just got back from my daily walk. Interesting to see so many bats flying around this evening. I wonder if it was just because of the time I happened to be out today, or if there were more than usual. 278 more words


7 Days without Internet

Last Wednesday, I suffered an attack. It was a cold, sudden and vicious attack, that went on for a week- a full week. It came as all attacks do; exactly when you least expected them. 550 more words