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T. Rex offline game at Google Chrome Browser

Wow! Nice game!

When you have no Internet access and you are getting bored, T. Rex is very cool game. You can play it offline in Google Chrome browser. 30 more words


Random Thought #69

We can slingshot a probe around Jupiter to take pictures of Pluto, send one to orbit a comet, and another straight the fuck out of the Solar System.  23 more words


Not Much Today...

Internet’s down, can’t download my 365 pic for the day, so I’m stuck blogging on my phone tonight. I know the weather is still inclement, but not as bad as it was, thankfully. 90 more words

Ranty rants and hyperbolic nonsense

Buongiorno elephant eyelash :)

My apologies for my last, terribly constructed rush-job of a blog! Hopefully the literary switch in my brain is on for this wee one. 647 more words


Motivational Throat Soothers

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. My intention was to write here almost daily… a few times a week at least! That’s pretty hard to do when you don’t have internet. 579 more words

Is it Bedtime yet? 

Some days it’s hard to keep going. I catch myself looking at the clock hundreds of times in a day. Is it time for her morning nap yet? 329 more words

It's A Mom's Life

March 26: Thera-Band and walking

Still no joy with the internet so I have no idea how long it will be before I can post regularly again. What a right royal pain in the derriere. 224 more words

Physically Fit