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Welcome to the no kids zone

Parent – “Why don’t you have kids?”

Me – “Gives logical reasons.”

Parent – “But, but, but you need…and your parents…and society…and religion…are you gay? Is that it?” 464 more words

10 Unpopular opinions

French version available here.

is different. We all come from different backgrounds, met different people, got
a different education and all in all, built our own identity and opinions. 751 more words


The Cool ("lonely", "selfish") Aunt ("who made no contribution to society")

Today I’ve been reading a great comment thread… and as the title says, it was about “cool aunts”. This time the post said “cool wine aunt”. 1,972 more words

https://dailycaller.com/2019/03/04/birthstrikers-fear-global-warming-bloomberg-interview/ Phillip Stucky | Contributor 2 Climate activists calling themselves “Birthstrikers” are refusing to have children due to their fear of climate change, according to a Monday interview with Bloomberg News.

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Climate Matters

No Kids- Spielman Theatre ☆☆☆☆

Originally published in Bristol Post.

Nir and George are partners, artistically and in real life. Over the past decade they have built up their company Theatre Ad Infinitum to a position of stability and respectability and are now ready to ask one of life’s most pressing questions; is it time to have a baby? 409 more words


An Interview with Kate Kaufmann

I promised last week to tell you more about Kate Kaufmann’s book, Do You Have Kids: Life When the Answer is No. It won’t officially come out until April 2, but you can pre-o… 1,528 more words

Childless By Marriage

I stopped cleaning my bathroom

I decided that cleaning my entire bathroom all at once was something I didn’t want to do anymore. So now, I clean just the shower. Then a week later, I clean my toilet. 38 more words