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Day 3382 - Why You Shouldn't Ask "When Are You Having Kids?" - or - Things I've Learned From Not Having Kids - repost

Originally posted 3/30/17

If you’ve read this blog any amount of time, you know Bret and I are not normal in a lot of ways. From sleeping on the floor, to having no real furniture, we are just weirdos. 576 more words


Jordan #50 - part 1

After a couple of weeks break in India that included a trip to Delhi, Anjali and I set off on our much anticipated trip to Jordan without the kids. 921 more words


When are you having babies?

So this is the BIGGEST and most frequent question I get and if you have been married for more than two years it is probably the question you also get. 271 more words


Welcome Home

I am a happily married 35+ year old woman with no kids. When I was in may late 20’s and early 30’s, people asked me when was I going to get married. 308 more words


Moms Night Out

When my daughter was asked to a slumber party, by one of her best friends whose family I love dearly, my mind started to do that thing. 715 more words

It's Okay To Not Have Kids.

I am not entirely sure where the stigma came from that you have to get married and have kids.

I am not one of those parents that think that everyone should have kids. 694 more words


No Kids, Please

I’m so glad my wife and I aren’t having kids. I have many reasons for liking that we’re not, but mostly, because as a people, we don’t know how to raise them. 1,195 more words

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