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Why We Chose An Adults-Only Wedding

Our RSVP deadline was last Friday and though we had received the majority back through the mail, we still had a few invited guests to reach out to in order to confirm their attendance. 1,777 more words


Day 3228 - Why You Shouldn't Ask "When Are You Having Kids?" - or - Things I've Learned From Not Having Kids - repost

The follow post is one of my most read posts on the blog. I thought it would be appropriate to share today as a reminder to think before you ask someone “when are you having kids?” Especially today, which is a very hard day for those who desperately want their first child or another child. 631 more words


How did I get here anyways??

In keeping myself honest, I have to say I did pretty good yesterday. My sugar intake was at a minimum, and I did some stand-up paddleboarding and slogging (slow jogging. 1,476 more words


The battle begins.

I’ve been down this road many a time before. Let’s see how far I get this time before I back up.

I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m a divorced, 43-year old healthcare worker living 2,000 miles away from my friends and family, and I hate myself. 1,148 more words


Friday Five v. 9

one My husband spent the better part of the last week sick. He even called out for a couple of days because there was no way he had any business going to work. 549 more words


¿Me quedaré con las ganas de ir a New York?

Cuando cumplí 15 años mi tía nos invitó a mi familia y a mi a Estados Unidos. Era mi viaje de quinceañera y me fui a ver a Mickey Mouse. 506 more words


I hope I die before I get old

I was told by a friend to grow up recently. He was probably right. But I figure if I haven’t ‘grown up’ by now it’s unlikely to happen. 822 more words

Bad Behaviour