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Moms Night Out

When my daughter was asked to a slumber party, by one of her best friends whose family I love dearly, my mind started to do that thing. 715 more words

It's Okay To Not Have Kids.

I am not entirely sure where the stigma came from that you have to get married and have kids.

I am not one of those parents that think that everyone should have kids. 694 more words


No Kids, Please

I’m so glad my wife and I aren’t having kids. I have many reasons for liking that we’re not, but mostly, because as a people, we don’t know how to raise them. 1,195 more words

General Chatter


Dating is hard. No fake news there. Despite that fact, this modern day dating seems more emotionally taxing than ever before. There’s a myriad of options for meeting complete strangers now, and there’s basically no excuse for not getting out there and dating. 1,344 more words


A Week of Surprises

Well, this eventful week sure has been full of surprises – a mystery guest, a fire, a whirlwind trip to an exotic destination and a painful attack that needed medical attention. 1,436 more words


Sorrow, Joy, Heartbreak and Life

I don’t know how to express what I am going through other than to write about it. Hopefully someone will find this blog and realize they are not the only one feeling this way. 600 more words

No Kids!

Guess who had no kids last week!

I love my kids, obviously, duh… but when my husband tells me his dad is taking them camping for the week I let out the biggest sigh of relief. 840 more words