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Thanksgiving No-Knead Peasant Bread (v)

Last weekend, I embarked on what seemed like a simple quest for two Thanksgiving recipes. My little list centered around finding a vegetarian dish that would freeze, travel, and reheat well, and a simple and rustic bread that could rise, bake, and be ready to hit the road within 24 hours. 872 more words


No Knead Bread

A super simple No-knead bread! And artisan style crisp crust and soft and ‘holey’ crumb too. Win win :D
This is a four ingredient recipe and needs just flour, water,salt and yeast. 357 more words

Herbes de Provence No-Knead Bread #Recipe

This bread is almost effortless to make because it requires no kneading. Instead, the dough is allowed to slowly rise over a long period of time. 589 more words


Amazing Thanksgiving Recipes You Have to Try

Make room for these must try recipes! 

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. These are the essential dishes that must make an appearance at my quintessential Thanksgiving dinner.

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Quick Bread with Chocolate Chips and Raisins

No Kneading Required

This is one of my favourite “throw-ins”. I am sure you’re wondering, what in the world a ‘throw-in’ is. Once we get to autumn and the temperatures start dropping, I start using my oven at least four times a week. 674 more words


How to Make a Ton of Homemade Breadcrumbs

Step 1: Get easy No-Knead Bread recipe from your brother who’s been raving about how easy it is to make bread with this recipe and how there won’t be a need to ever have to buy bread again. 897 more words


Just the right bread! - Recipe for spelt, rye & barley bread

When writing about mashed potatoes I did say that I’d have to prove that my food taste is not solely focused on germanic potatoes and sausages by  sharing some recipes indicative of a broader taste palette. 826 more words