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No-Knead Quick Yeast Loaf

This was an “emergency” bread I made last thing on a Friday night. Just got that fresh bread craving and no force in the universe could stop me from baking! 259 more words


Homemade bread -- two years on

In 2013, I began making no-knead bread regularly.

One year later, I was using a ‘mother’ from previous loaves. French yeast and T65 flour were my new standard ingredients. 238 more words


An insanely simple no-knead Chorizo & Parmesan focaccia

Chorizo & Parmesan focaccia

Focaccia is up there in my top 3 breads, both to make and to eat. Characteristically bouncy, with many irregular holes in the bread itself, it tastes great and needs very little to accompany it. 759 more words

Afternoon Tea

No Knead Bread

Thanks Ellie for sending this to me.  It’s an amazingly simple recipe and very tasty.

3 1/4 cups bread flour (433 grams) ( you can use all purpose flours) 201 more words


A Crackpot Idea

Last week I spied a very interesting enameled cast iron pot in the thrift shop. It was the perfect size for a small chicken. On the bottom it had the familiar stamp of Le Creuset, the famous French pot makers. 276 more words

Thrift Shop Finds


For those who like it really hot…

It’s been a while since I blogged about bread, in fact I have a nice bread post waiting patiently in a long line to show up here, but last weekend I stumbled upon a very interesting recipe, and made it right away. 883 more words


Quick(ish) No-Knead Bread

This is my current favourite loaf, bar none. It’s easy to make – though the ‘quick’ part of the title definitely needs to be taken in context – but the end result is bread that’s full of flavour and texture and, most importantly, those air-pockets that fill up so delightfully with butter, jam, soup, or whatever else you put the slice on or in. 1,013 more words

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