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Welcome Back!

Today I am talking to you about walking, – that sounded pretty school assembly worth so lets try again!

What do you do daily? 410 more words


Fuck This Dude With Out Legs Running On A Treadmill

Hey buddy, do you have lactic acid burning your entire lower region? No cause you don’t have a lower region anymore. I don’t want to be crass here but its the fact. 99 more words

Riddle of the Day

Yesterday’s Riddle Answer: Letter, the rest can be spelt backwards and make a new word.


Riddle of the Day: I have no eyes, no legs, or ears, and I help move the earth. What am I?

PP #1

Has there ever been a porn about a mature woman donning a strap-on to a younger paraplegic man in a wheelchair?

Okay what if he’s in a wheelchair, not a paraplegic and just has a cast on one of his legs? Only has 1 leg?

…No legs?

Porn Premises