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What do you mean Winter?

This was not planned at all. Yesterday was such a beautiful & sunny day! Ok, it was not so hot that you could wear a t-shirt like I did, but it was warm enough not to want to put your jacket back on right away.. 87 more words


NO MAKEUP! AcneFree 3 Day Skin Detox

I’m struggling with breakouts. Almost daily they’re going up and down. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere. I’m getting tired of it! So I scoured Amazon for the impatient girl’s solution to clear skin, and I narrowed it down to a few items, and chose the one with the most promises to make to me. 273 more words


#HOWTO หน้าสดก็สวยได้!

Hello pretty ladies! สวัสดีสุดสวยทุกคน✦ (วันนี้มาซะฝรั่งเชียว)

บิวตี้ มีทส์นำเมคอัพในลุค “โนเมคอัพ” เอาไว้หลอกแฟนเล่นๆว่า ฉันหน้าสดจริงๆนะเธอ  ลุคนี้ได้มาจากบิวตี้ยูทูปเบอร์เกาหลีอินเตอร์สุดแซ่บคือ ดาช่า คิม (dahyeshka) ซึ่งต้องบอกเลยว่าสไตล์ของเธอไม่ธรรมดาจริงๆ ว่าแล้วไปดูฮาวทูกันเลยดีไหม!? ;;D

เมคอัพนี้เป็นลุคที่ดู #chill แต่ #chic มากกกกก เน้นงานผิวซึ่งจริงๆดาช่ามีสีผิวกลางๆด้วย


เบส Guerlain Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base… 73 more words


[WATCH] Makeup-Free J.Lo And Casper Smart Dubsmash Video

Have you guys downloaded the “Dubsmash” app yet? It’s pretty fun, actually. It gives you a quick clip of a song (or any funny saying or movie quote) that you lip-sync along to and gives you a quick video of it as well. 68 more words


Day 11 of My Confessions

Day 11 of My Confessions: Au Natural and exposed👗👠💅🏽👚💄💋

Watch tonights scope here

Day 4 of Wearing No Makeup Update!!..

Hi everyone!! Paris J. here… Good morning to everyone and Happy Tuesday!!.. I am blogging about my update of wearing no makeup; today is Day 4, and I am happy to announce that my skin has been feeling better… My skin has appeared less drier but the tiny little breakouts that I had on the right side of my chin has been disappearing slowly,  but I don’t know if any of you ladies has the same issue but I start to get tiny little breakouts when it is time to wash my hair at least every once a week, so I had wash my hair and deep conditioned, and my skin has felt better… I have to say though that my tiny breakouts around my chin will finally fade away hopefully by Friday!! 32 more words

See Kim Kardashian's look as she steps out with no makeup on

Before her post with Amber Rose broke the internet, a fresh faced Kim Kardashian was spotted on Monday in Beverly Hills. 17 more words