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Bare Faced Prejudice, And Why It’s Not Brave To Go Without Makeup.

I can think of a lot of times in the last few months when I was brave to show my face. I was brave to show my face at work the day after my breakup. 678 more words

The Problem with the "No Makeup Revolution"

The following piece is a response to an article published on E News.

The article can be located here: http://www.eonline.com/news/790899/alicia-keys-stopped-wearing-makeup-and-the-world-is-still-having-a-hard-time-adjusting

Dear Editor,

I would like to address the issue with the content of this article. 514 more words

Why You Should Wear Makeup

If you knew there was something that would only take five to ten minutes of your morning, but would result in a better love life, greater career opportunities, and greater self-esteem, would you do it? 926 more words


Senior reduces makeup use, nurtures self-empowerment

Written by Helen Nguyen, News Editor

I woke up with a jolt. Senior year has taught me that when I sleep late, I wake up even later. 848 more words


No Makeup? No Problem. 

I don’t remember exactly when I made the choice not to wear makeup daily, but I know that it was at least a few months ago. 657 more words


The #nomakeup movement

My parents were super conservative when I was a kid. Looking back I can see what an ideal childhood I had. I was a kid during school and a really innocent teenager and I got to revel in my lack of responsibility and lack of understanding of the… 499 more words


The one thing Alicia Keys cut out to clear up her skin

The one thing Alicia Keys cut out to clear up her skin

by Rachel Lapidos

Alicia Keys is not only a great singer, but she is also a great example of a woman celebrating her naturalness.