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Nem goatee cheese balls

100% vegetarian nem and goatee cheese balls with honey filling. 100% végé nem et boules fromage de chèvre et miel 100% vegetarisch Nem und Ziegenkäsebällchen mit Honig Three kings cake – Galette des rois – Dreikönigskuchen

Sugar And Salt

International Meatless Day

In 1968, a social service organization named by Sadhu Vaswani Mission was first proposed on 25 November. Sadhu T.L. Vaswani’s Birthday is celebrated as International Meatless Day. 106 more words


Winter Warm Seasoned Potatoes

This delicious dish we cooked up while examining what was left in our cabinet. We wanted something to not only warm us up, but to go with our chicken schnitzel. 114 more words

No Meat

Morning Carb Count: beans and quinoa


Ran a little over 30 minutes this morning, did 2 sets of single-arm suspension trainer rows, 2 sets suspension trainer snatches, and 2 sets of suspension trainer chest-press to roll out.  221 more words


The Vegan Experiment: lowering the carb count


I went from low-carb Keto cycling to a vegan diet high in starchy carbs…a pretty drastic change if you ask me! I’ve been eating Kettle brand potato chips (The big bag from Costco) or Asian cracker snacks (also in a big bag from Costco) with every meal with the excuse that they don’t contain any animal products. 99 more words


Dining Out--Vegan-style

It sucks.

No really, it sucks. You don’t have to think very hard about it to understand why. The majority of restaurants don’t offer vegan options, even in a city such as Pittsburgh. 474 more words