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January Blues?

I promised myself a few things before I started this blog (I really hate that word) and a few things since.

Some of them being: 364 more words


In which I incessantly complain about the harrowing reality that is the "job search"*

Wow, let me tell you, looking for a job is not fun. No one ever promised me that the process of writing cover letters and getting recommendations from long gone managers and revising resume after resume would be fun. 725 more words


When Plans Change

I have always been the independent type. I enjoyed college and hoped to find a job and an apt/place to live back home. I was then talked into moving home for a year to save money..fast forward going on 3 years now, I am still here. 485 more words

NSD #1

I am pleased to report that today was a ‘No Spend Day’ (NSD) meaning so far this year 1/3 of the days have not involved any money leaving my wallet. 698 more words

Come on February

I can’t wait for February to get here so I will have a some money. I need a microwave and a headlight now. I hardly ever use a microwave but they come in handy for things like tonight when we are making tv dinners or to heat something up quick without dirtying a bunch of pots. 195 more words

the saga of stella & squiggles

i avoided having pets for years & years
i was very nomadic
and had a history of having severe personality disorders in reaction to owning pets. 597 more words