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A Poor Man's Choice: An Ode To Pabst Blue Ribbon (with Haiku)

Beer has seen a revival over the years. Craft breweries put the beverage with a hop back on the map.

As we are all poor we know that beer is the best thing to get when your down and pennieless. 97 more words

No Money: Read magazines, comics and books for free!

I will not name any names , because I would not want a national bookstore to hire assassins to hunt down each, and every one of our poor souls for reading for free. 117 more words

Sorry I Ain't Got no Money

What is it about clothing that makes me just have to have it? Everything else I can resist or logically consider whether the cost is worth the return. 145 more words


No Money: Get a YMCA Guest Pass

YMCA, always makes me think about the village people.

Happy guys with careers dancing, and singing.

Anyhow, the YMCA is a super old organization which is nationwide, and appears to be in need of some members. 160 more words

No Money: Food Pantry

So you hit rock bottom. No food in your fridge. No money in your wallet and a hungry belly.

Food. I need food.

There is an option. 147 more words

No Money: Donate Plasma

Sometimes your pockets are slim.

When this happens the desperation for quick cash is apparent.

A couple of weeks ago I needed some money fast. I was rummaging through the internet and saw something about donating Plasma. 74 more words

A no-waste-no-money day

Yesterday was a day of discoveries.

First, I was thrilled when I chanced upon a shop that is willing to sell me honey without packaging. I am going to be consuming a LOT more of this golden liquid in the next two months, knowing that I won’t be adding to a plastic island in an ocean far far away. 324 more words