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Mo Money Mo Problems

Last night, in the shower (where I do my best thinking. Every A+ essay I have ever written was first conceived in the shower) it occurred to me that everything wrong in my life is because of money. 1,228 more words

Are you really poor?

I’ve noticed a lot of people moan about how poor they are. the ones who are the most vocal tend to be ones who have a nice house, nice car, go out for meals and go on holidays… the ones who say “once all my bills/food/wine/gym etc are paid for i only have £xxx.xx left” if you have these things you are not poor! 590 more words


Climb (slowly…somewhat) out of debt

I swear, I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking up ‘best budget sheets’ and ‘simple budgeting tips’ and ‘budgeting for idiots’ and yet, I still got a notification from my bank this morning telling me that my bank account balance was less than my threshold.  854 more words

New Years Resolutions Series

The future of money

I think there very possibly could be a different form of money in the future. Who knows, maybe the whole world will have the same currency. 29 more words

Information Technology

Havana to Buenos Aires

We left Trinidad at about 8am Friday morning, picked up by an older Cuban man in his sedan. We swung past another Casa Particular in town to collect two female tourists, another Australian and a New Zealander. 1,577 more words


I love my job...

I love my job. I do. It’s challenging in its diversity. It’s new and exciting and everything I ever wanted a job to be. It’s my job, I’m proud of it. 549 more words