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What No Money Really Means

A few months ago, I met with some college students who were interested in working in theatre. When I said, “You know there’s no money in it, right?” they nodded vigorously and said they knew and so we proceeded on to other things. 1,270 more words


Lost a job?

So my mother just called me. Her place of work is closing and everyone is losing their jobs. It’s so sad and depressing. Terrifying even. I’m going to tell you what I told her…. 323 more words


Don't Worry

“Accept what life brings to you every day, regret nothing and don’t worry about the future. And have fun – none of it is that serious”. 6 more words


No Money for Rent

Next month is going to be tough since I will not have money to pay rent or any other bill. The worst part of it all is that I have no one to depend on or to turn to. 224 more words


No Cost Tips to Sell Your House

These tips aren’t going to cost you a thing and may even bring you a few extra dollars, but this will not be without some hard work. 675 more words

HOW TO have fun at uni when you have no money...

A couple weekends ago, my friend and I were sat, as bored as can be, in our little bedrooms… we tried anything and everything to think of something fun to do.. 518 more words