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No Money for Rent

Next month is going to be tough since I will not have money to pay rent or any other bill. The worst part of it all is that I have no one to depend on or to turn to. 197 more words


No Cost Tips to Sell Your House

These tips aren’t going to cost you a thing and may even bring you a few extra dollars, but this will not be without some hard work. 675 more words

HOW TO have fun at uni when you have no money...

A couple weekends ago, my friend and I were sat, as bored as can be, in our little bedrooms… we tried anything and everything to think of something fun to do.. 518 more words

Surviving on Free

Growing up my family was more well off than most. My mom is a teacher and I would watch her spend her own money weekly on supplies for her students. 605 more words

EMS Life

Meal Plan for the 2nd Week of February

I had promised to post a meal plan every Monday for February. Last Monday I did not post it and before you start thinking I’m a fraud, I want to let you know why. 220 more words


5 cents

This morning I have 5 cents in my bank account. This time last year I had $30 000 in my bank account, with a steady stream of funds regularly coming in. 293 more words

Consolidating The Gap Year


The time has come. The time has come to put my foot down and say ‘this is enough’. Every glance at my savings account makes me dry heave a little when I realise the bulk of my savings have been spent on unnecessary luxury items. 211 more words

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