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Literally has been one of my go to words since I was barely 9 or 10. Now literally every teen and young adult uses it way to often and they… 227 more words

Schnit N Shnivalry


Good evening sir or madame,
This notice is a warning.
You have been evicted from this place
At the noted date by morning.

Your payment was not tendered… 80 more words


tylenol cold makes it worse
benedryl makes it worse
it’s not the kind of misery
that writes poetry
i’m the kind of balmy hot
that can’t get cool with a/c… 8 more words

No More

Do what you want
just whatever
not like I have to see it
i’ll never feel any of it
still so strangled by the pain of life… 125 more words

No More

Fallen and Left for the Kookoo Docs

I may still have a lil bit of nice left. I hope nothing and noone sends me spiralling back into the floor. If it is one at all, this is my one last comeback, will never recover if I take one more blow.

67 more words
No More

Sands of Time Washed Out With To Sea

Imagine the collaboration of the me, myself & I of you.

Add the image I, myself and me to the mixture of the.

Set aside all that is beautiful and call it the future. 231 more words

Daily Post

Words can’t be unsaid.
Neither can tears be uncried.
Actions can’t be untaken.
Once dead can never be revived.

No More