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“People do all kinds of things for comfort and achieving a particular number on the scale can be seductive.
It allows them to feel a sense of accomplishment in a world that might feel very chaotic and out of control.” 768 more words

Eating Disorders



Ever been to a costume party before? I’ve never been to one but I have seen a couple on television or via pictures and it does look interesting to me. 107 more words


She was dancing in the rain

Life sucks. You read a book, you watch TV, you go onto Facebook all with the intention of escaping what is supposed to be a fantastic life that you live. 355 more words

2015 Me

23. Human Nature (11/14/15)

A couple days ago I did a post about how I think there’s still good left in each and every one of us, yet yesterday at least 130 people got killed in Paris during multiple terrorist attacks. 934 more words


To the Mark

So my brain wouldn’t let me sleep

Once again awake with thoughts of this bad week

The world too was shaken up, terror in the streets. 193 more words


Behind closed doors

My current husband (no not the ex) is the most consistent human being I have ever met. I am always in awe of how no matter how rough his day is at work, or how little sleep he got the night before, or if the Vikings lost, he is always the same person. 876 more words

Domestic Abuse

Clearing the Path; Chapter Six

Here is Carla, brave Carla as she finally sees the figure of her mother appear:

Suddenly I could see an image of my mother. It was a picture of her that I remember. 797 more words