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Yesterday was a big day. I have made so much progress recently, becoming stronger and happier with myself. Making the decision of leaving the Ottawa K-pop performance scene has been a hard choice; I don’t see my friends as often, I don’t exercise or dance every week. 275 more words


The Curse of a Pretty Face: Objectification of Women

I tire of it. I tire of feeling sick with it every night when I come home, my blood boiling with a pent up rage of injustice. 610 more words


Music: Klassy LA Jumelle - No More @Klassylajumelle @Tpraiz_official @Gzenter10ment

Klassy La Jumelle is a gospel artist driven with a passion to express herself in songs that return all Glory to God.

She believes she has been called by grace and anointed by God to bring more good news across the nations of the world…

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Take a Stand - Speak Out

This past Friday, as I was serving coffee at my part-time job, a text message came through.

“Hey, did you know there was a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport? 528 more words

Domestic Violence

Dearest Dear

Fred Durst couldn’t have said it better.

Limp Bizkit – Boiler

Looks like I’m gonna do everything myself
Maybe I could use some help but hell,

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Set To Private

Why am I private?
Your opinions. Your advice.
Your expectations.

Original Poetry

Change of Heart

Honeys are of course, produced by bees. It’s a continuous process to sustain the biological activities of bees. Ever wondered why bees attack anyone who tries to collect the honeys? 219 more words