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My purpose was not to be ungrateful. I’ve said thank you so, so many times. My purpose was to show you how I hurt from what happened and why.

Thank you.


Letting Go

I went to court yesterday to finalize a restraining order against my ex. Due to his outright lies on the stand, it wasn’t ordered for as long as I wanted, but I got it. 565 more words


I’m not going to take it!

You may give it, my husband may give it, the driver in front of me may give it, but I’m not taking it anymore. I will not take offense. 203 more words


f(x) (에프엑스): No More (여우 같은 내 친구)

Victoria | Amber | Luna | Sulli | Krystal

aigo jebal jom geumanhae
ibeoneneun tto eotteon namjagillae
gwansimdo eoptdeon gyohoereul gago
beullogeuen haru jongil ojik junim chanyang… 252 more words


One day...

… you will hate the passage of time

…. you will long to see the people you abandoned

…. you will yearn for the words you stopped speaking… 27 more words

Food For Thought

No More Apologies: A New Chapter

I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of apologizing to everyone for everything. No. More. Apologies. “I’m sorry” will no longer pass my lips.

The first “I’m sorry” centers around my physical appearance, and relationships: 768 more words

Nothing More (Hallow)


My heary is hallow.
There is nothing…

I have nothing.

I’ve given it my all

I’ve given it my best

I am all dried up

I have nothing more