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When I'm Alone

Day in and day out,
I’ve wondered on my own,
Why things seem so hard
When I’m all alone.

Is it anger?
Or is it strife? 173 more words


No More - A Rose Is A Rose [DE084]

No More are a band from Kiel, Germany, founded in the summer of 1979. Their music is rooted in early Post Punk / No Wave. No More began as a quartet with Andy A. 66 more words


Neil Young - Freedom (Live and Acoustic in 1989)

Here’s a special post for a Friday night. This is a 30-ish minute long video of Neil Young playing acoustic in two different settings. You can tell by the changes in outfits. 104 more words

Live Music

"The choices I made were my choices, and I owned them."

Part III: Choices and consequences

By Ryan Hussey

Edited by Jenna Rutsky

As you stand at your locker, you notice today is different. You feel heavier — not because you had a big breakfast or because you’re holding a bunch of textbooks, but because something else is weighing you down. 525 more words


"Most people get money. I got sexual abuse."

Part II: Acceptance and understanding

By Ryan Hussey

Edited by Jenna Rutsky

His transition from inappropriate to illegal is gradual. It starts with him in the bathtub, asking for you to fetch him a towel. 396 more words


Musicians don’t retire, they stop when there’s no more music in them…