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The Monster Inside

Yes I move to fast and destroy everything I touch. I want to much and no one wants the same thing as me. I have been drowning in my own life and didn’t realize that until just yesterday. 109 more words


Matthew 13:24-43 (KJV/NKJV Comparison)

In my KJV/NKJV study today, I came upon a well know topic: The end. The end of the world is well know by every person on the planet. 1,037 more words


You robbed me of a life that I dreamed of since the birth of my soul. The creation of us was all I know but here I am wondering why the fuck you took that away from me. 135 more words


Had Hope

My 20 something self did hope

But I’ve reached the end of my rope

I never found him and he never came

It was like a cat and mouse game… 37 more words



sometimes i stand in the meadow and scream

but sometimes i don’t

sometimes i’m a little girl on a cot in a gray-white ward, in view of the pill-zombie line, slitting my wrists with an outlet cover i’ve torn from the wall and clenched in my teeth till it shatters… 18 more words

Haiku And Haibun

No More

No more.
No more of Sundays.
No more of walks
No more of games and puzzles
No more of stories
No more of collection of currencies… 146 more words


Seventh day

Could not get through a full week without discord. Not going to go back into whatever just going to acknowledge the beginning of only God knows what. 6 more words