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😢 Haiku

Black fin droops mournful

Beached whale offers tricks for treats

Best empty the tanks


Folly just for gag
They turn about
Step out for air
It’s so in style
And just think
If you keep up
The silence
And think long…
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Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

No More

Too long have I stayed in darkness
No More
Too long have I ran from the light
No More

Too long have I tolerated mediocrity… 139 more words


Official Statement

This is an official statement on my involvement of my own life journey. As some think I don’t have one. Some wont even call to talk to me to sort things out if you cannot talk to me direct, you don’t deserve to know anything. 767 more words

The bathroom door is shut tight.

The kitty rat nowhere in sight.

If I step in poo later in the night,

With the bathroom door shut tight, 25 more words

No More

Changes Are Coming

It is the end of an era for the blog. We will stop putting up our favorite moments of the day. We have decided to make it private again and just between the two of us. 81 more words