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More or Less or Just Enough

Yesterday I bought a women’s magazine. I hadn’t bought one in years. While standing in line to pay my stuff I pictured myself on the couch, sipping on a glass of white wine and reading something without brains. 748 more words


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Rape Destroys Lives

Today,  I spent the majority of the afternoon researching this topic to write a post about how rape destroys the lives of the victim and their families and friends.   410 more words


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Gospel artiste Ace Won Shepherd Aka Shepherd Ace has just released a brand new single “No More”. A song birthed from life victory in Christ, magnifying God’s Devine mercy to His children which He performed in the lives of the children of Israel at the red sea and beyond. 154 more words


My Rape Dreams Have Gotten Out Of Controle

Since my rape on February 14, 2016, I have been experiencing horrific nightmares! Sometimes they are about him, other times they are are about men that I know raping me, but last night was the most disturbing nightmare that I have ever had in my life!! 262 more words


Did You Know Ther Are Pro Rape Groups?

Today I was at work doing a bit of research about a protest that took place earlier this week in front of my office,  that led to protesters coming into the lobby of the office building and chaining themselves to our benches.   245 more words


The NFL's Domestic Violence Problem


Domestic violence has been a reoccurring problem for the National Football League. In the mid 1990’s the National Football League took the position that if it happened at home then it has nothing to do with the payer on the field. 754 more words