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You are NO less, NO more


No matter who you’re…you have absolutely NO right to take the life of another living being and it is so sad that we live in a world/time that cries for the end of murder and killing yet still allows killing and fund it happily. 146 more words


Microsoft Now Accepting Requests To Remove Revenge Porn From Bing, Xbox Live & OneDrive

Microsoft joined the growing list of tech companies taking steps to crack down on so-called revenge porn – the posting of nude photos or videos online without the consent of the subject – by honoring requests to remove links to the images or the content from appearing in results on its search engine Bing and other platforms. 546 more words

Disney Live-Action: the epidemic

No animated Disney film will be left untouched by the live-action adaptation epidemic. Within the next year, people will have a difficult time trying to think of an animated Disney film that has  294 more words




  • Over the past year I joined something amazing! We’re using a new symbol to end an issue that hurts 24 people every min. I say #NOMORE nomore.org…
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Sexual Assault Recovery

Chronicles of an ex party girl

I was a self proclaimed party girl. I was that girl who went out almost every night of the week. I had what I joke around about now, 1000 friends. 714 more words

NO MORE Bug Bites

I had put off mowing the lawn for too long, and the woods creep up on the back of our property.  Tall grass invites every kind of creeping and flying insect.   71 more words



Two lovers-

No more!

How could we be friends,

Since we hurt each other so much?

How could we be enemies,

Since we were lovers once? 12 more words