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N is for No-no's in Sewing and Writing

Today, I’d like to share a few No-no’s I have learned while sewing and writing.

Sewing: Keeping every tiny piece of scrap fabric, for those patches you will never sew or that little project-that-will-need-them that will never come. 661 more words


Top 5 horror movie no no's.

I love horror movies, a fact of which you all should know by now, but I also love making fun of the characters and their obvious stupidity when it comes to their own safety. 516 more words


Eric Manages A Chic-Fil-A And He's Tired Of His Employees Word Choices!

Being a restaurant manager is tough. I don’t know that from personal experience but my wife is one and I get to hear about everything she deals with! 114 more words



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum’s induction of Talking Heads performing Burning Down the House

Dear Diary,

So, watching football . . . and being in the spirit of football watchin’ I consumed medium spicy buffalo wings, as well as some chipotle seasoned polish kielbasa.   185 more words

Diary Of A Middle Age Woman Writer

"Doing Good" ... Worthy of Pay?

Greatly influenced by The Disrespect Philosophy, from the book, Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE, most of us consider “doing good” as something that should be done for free. 449 more words


6 biggest no-nos on office hours

At BlogMTL, we’re 9-2-5ers. And although we have the coolest office on the Main (the Main is also known as Saint-Laurent blvd (“blvd” stands for boulevard (boulevard is French for Boulevard))), there’s always unspoken rules you need to remind to the newest intern. 363 more words

The No-No's of Craigslist!

Unfortunately my video was cut off, but I’m scared these randos are going to start coming up to my job! And that’s no ones fault but my own! 72 more words