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What I Learned in a Year Without Pants

Remember when I announced I wouldn’t be wearing pants anymore? If you weren’t around for that, here is the post. I had actually stopped wearing pants at least a month prior, but hadn’t stated it on my blog until then. 501 more words


Why you should follow this blog... part 8...

Because this is a clothing-optional zone… seriously, I don’t care if you wear clothes while you read my blog… Hey, if cartoon ducks don’t have to wear pants, then why the heck should we?


Personal Blab's of A Kind Of Single Lady :

The Life of Peggy. A thirty-three year old, Kind-Of Single Lady.
Maybe I am slightly insane. I am most definitely awkward. I imagine all aspects in life with No Pants on. 19 more words

The correlation between your weight and your relationship status.

“Wow, she really let herself go!” is a comment frequently made in regard to women who enter a relationship at a body weight much lower than their current. 458 more words


No Pants !!

      While the weather’s still warm, we must visit the pantless trend. This is a trend that took off a couple years ago. The button down shirtdress is the best example of this style; but there are other options. 97 more words


Truth is Stranger than Fiction: No Pants Subway Ride

On Sunday, January 11th, 2015 tens of thousands of people took off their pants on subways in over 60 cities in over 25 countries around the world. 34 more words