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No Pants Friday (Revealing with Michelle L'amour)

I’m celebrating this made up holiday with Jett Adore, the No Pantser Romancer! He is one of the pioneers of male burlesque and continues to wow audiences with his HUGE…intellect. 16 more words


You Don't Need Pants for the Victory Dance

I. Hate. Wearing. Pants. If it were socially acceptable not to wear pants then I would never wear them. Granny panties all day, every day. Think about it… the morning routine would be much simpler without pants. 376 more words


August 24th 2016

James Otto’s Wisdom :

Her two girl friends were already arrested for a being drunk and they texted her to come and pick them up and she had enough mental processing to park near the police station were the girlsin in would walk to the car. 417 more words

It's Okay: You Can Cancel.

I recently sat down with a friend of mine and we were discussing the close relationship that we have with some of our friends and family members.   902 more words


Kentucky Judge Calls Out Mistreatment

“Am I in the Twilight Zone?! What is happening?” Judge Amber Wolf proclaims, “This is outrageous!”

After being held in a jail for three days, a resident of Louisville was refused both pants and feminine hygiene products. 375 more words

From Kentucky To Tokyo

Rand Paul Interview With No Pants!

Rand Paul Interview With No Pants!

     Senator Rand Paul recently gave a major TV speech without wearing any pants while blasting the unemployed as being lazy. 30 more words


So True

If by “professional work” you mean write dick jokes then YES THIS IS ME.

Girl Talk