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Kayaking, pantless and a great old lady

Kayaking up the canal
Then having to take my pants off because they were so wet. I’ve never been on a bus without pants before.

Wednesday Again

Wednesday never stops
never considers taking a break
maybe being Thursday for a while
or Tuesday
with no pants on

you could stand to take your pants off… 39 more words

What I Learned in a Year Without Pants

Remember when I announced I wouldn’t be wearing pants anymore? If you weren’t around for that, here is the post. I had actually stopped wearing pants at least a month prior, but hadn’t stated it on my blog until then. 501 more words


Why you should follow this blog... part 8...

Because this is a clothing-optional zone… seriously, I don’t care if you wear clothes while you read my blog… Hey, if cartoon ducks don’t have to wear pants, then why the heck should we?