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I was sentenced to prison for five years. I was inocent but that did not matter. I was convicted. According to the law,i was guilty. There opinion was all that mattered. 817 more words


Summer Is A Great Excuse To Not Wear Pants

As the summer months roll in and the temperatures stay consistently hotter and hotter, one has to try and keep cool. Some are lucky enough to have really good air conditioning and can afford to abuse the hell out of it so they stay cool all summer long. 1,046 more words

Random Thoughts

Don't worry about your fly

You won’t need these today.  It’s International No Pants Day, or Trousers (depending on where you live)!   Why drop your pants? Well, according to… 222 more words


Parenting score: 9.3

Maybe I’m being a little too kind to Noah and me, but we kinda rocked the parenting thing tonight.

I do not always feel like the best mom. 376 more words

No Pants Friday

“No. Pants.” mouthed my big-eyed assistant, pointing to the space behind my easel. His knees tucked into his shirt, my son waddled into my class of 15 four and five year olds. 366 more words

Fuzzy, Big, and Swinging

Yesterday I had a glance at my old blog and was distraught to discover that many of the YouTubes I had embedded into my posts were no longer available to view. 122 more words


Lacking better topics to write about, fake news website goes after the low-hanging fruit of trash talking Monday on a Monday yet again

It’s a slow day, alright?  The idea machine is broken and most of the employees called in sick, because it got cold in winter. Trump’s comments on Meryl Streep’s acting skills have been covered by people who wake up at 5am and the Golden Globes are so shiny, they hurt my eyes. 165 more words