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No Right Turn

Why do people shoot at road signs? I don’t know, but someone was REALLY upset about making a right turn here…


Pastoral 2

Pastures and rolling hills near Boxelder, Wyoming…


Shirley Mountains Showers

Watching spring showers move across the Shirley Mountains of Wyoming…


Anna's Hummingbird

拍大蓝鹭集群筑巢的时候不经意入镜了这只小峰鸟,经过仔细翻国家地理出品的Birding手册,基本确定它是一只Anna’s Hummingbird安氏蜂鸟),而且可能是一位母鸟(因为公的头发更红红火火一些些)。

Some fun facts (source: Allaboutbirds)

“Anna’s Hummingbirds normally have a body temperature of around 107 degrees…

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