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I am facing

a man. He is slowly drinking dark beer, intermittently browsing his iphone, infrequently looking out the window to my left. The sun is falling into the room and passing him by. 314 more words

Waking up on edge

I woke this morning wanting to scream and cry and break things… I have no idea why. I don’t remember any nightmares or scary dreams. I can’t think of any good reason I should be this cranky and upset, yet I want to destroy myself. 173 more words

Time Means Nothing

I wrote this song five years ago.  My wife and I sing it as a duet.  She is my other half, and I am hers, but I got the far better deal. 131 more words

My Idle-Whines

One thing my mom will tell you about me is I am a terrific watch dog! I know when someone walks by our apartment door and I let the world know. 230 more words

Center Of Attention

Green Eggs and Ham

I don’t know what book was my favorite as a child, if I did in fact have a favorite. But I know which is at the top of my list in retrospect: … 236 more words

Streams Of Thought


Remember when we didn’t get our first real kiss until season 7? and we didn’t get MSR onscreen really until the end? And the second movie 15 years after the pilot?

January 8, 2015

I was just in a genuinely great mood today for absolutely no reason, and it was just the best feeling.

I went to the dentist… 40 more words