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Candy for the Eyes

Eye Candy is a new category inspired (in part) by Melania Knauss.
Starting with porn star Ashley Bulgari, here are a few examples…. 253 more words

No Reason

Why You misjudge me for no reason?

A woman is alone every single day, do not know the emotions in everyday… for dogma gibberish. He must undergo and be quiet. And the man who loves the judge if he tries to Facebook the name of a person who has known for 10 years. How sad.


26 Completely Real (But Sometimes Ridiculous) Reasons Why I Cried In The Last Week

No need to double check that headline. I did indeed cry, at least, 26 times over the last week. I am not depressed. Isn’t it funny that we automatically associate tears with sadness? 403 more words

Has anyone got some wet wipes?

When Steve and I first got together Ben and Brandon were 6 and 2, respectively. They were sweet, cute little boys, full of love and innocence and that wonderful acceptance that most young children have for new adults. 1,732 more words

Welcome to the Cat Side

Given that my reputation as a cat person, crazy cat lady, kitty mommis, etc. has been  firmly established, it was funny to look back at the below, which I wrote many years (and many cats) ago. 483 more words

The Dolphin Experience

This short story is based on an actual experience I had when I lived in Florida. I went to Key Largo to swim with dolphins (I did my research and picked a place that didn’t seem to be just making money off of them – the part about it being a research facility and the dolphins being able to swim out to the open ocean is true). 5,015 more words