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For Absolutely No Reason

For absolutely no reason
I’m sent to the past
Made to remember things
I’d rather pass.

For no reason
They breathe life again
Making me remember… 25 more words


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Rockstar is banning people for no reason | 2018 March 22-24

So, seemingly since March 22nd this year Rockstar is going through spring cleaning, banning everyone for reasons and none left and right. I don’t know if this affects only players who played since then or anyone at random, but I wish you luck to not be one of the unlucky reset players, for there’s no talking with Rockstar. 159 more words


Tōth "No Reason": Latest Vibez Review

Alex Toth of the band Rubblebucket, released his first single under the name Tōth, on February 13th called, “No Reason.” With no mention of a side project, it was more than a welcome surprise. 64 more words


From Grumbles To Giggles

Beloved was grumbling as he shined his shoes.  Earlier he had happily agreed to be a part of a the wedding, but now that it was time to get dressed, he was having a change of heart.   192 more words

Whims And Wonders

What if...

What if there is no karma. No gods. No reincarnation. What if there is no purpose. No reason for anything. All there is…is this.

Parasites consuming the consumable. 34 more words


Good mood

I’ve been in a quite good, if not in a really good, mood today. It happens so rarely I felt I had to make a note of it. 15 more words

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