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Grover Zampa Launches India's First Bubbly with Gold Flakes

How does a sparkling wine with 24 k gold flakes taste? Delicious. At least that’s what most of the guests present at the launch event had to say about Grover Zampa’s new sparkling wine Auriga celestial. 508 more words


Thriving Street Vendors of Ho Chi Minh City Defy Change

Every time I return to Ho Chi Minh City, even after only a month or two, I notice shining new buildings, new high-end shops, and new hip bars and clubs. 457 more words

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Aromatics, Part II: Jesus the Cook

“I told them that this is a God who rose from the dead and grilled fish on the beach with his friends and then ascended to heaven and is especially present to us in the most offensively ordinary things: wheat, wine, water, words. 1,386 more words

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Even though it’s the same crew as the previous resident, this is no Perla 2.0. Longer review soon but suffice it to say – it’s pretty great and very chill. 84 more words


Anthony Bourdain is only willing to consume one thing on airplanes

Anthony Bourdain is known for two things: for his talent as a chef, and for his incredible international travels. As such, his thoughts on airplane food – a definite intersection of food and travel – are particularly interesting. 205 more words


The one city that Anthony Bourdain loves more than all others – and why it reminds him of an acid trip

Anthony Bourdain is one of the most famous globetrotters alive today. The transient celebrity chef spends more than 200 days a year on the road, writing books, working on his Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and filming his many television shows. 176 more words


The items that globetrotting celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain never travels without

Anthony Bourdain is many things. He is a world famous chef. He’s a published author. He’s a television host. He’s a Brazilian jiu-jitsu student. 471 more words