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Criticism site owner's failure to respond leads to inference of bad faith

Summary of San Lorenzo S.p.A. v. Domains by Proxy, LLC / Lenka Jirsova

(WIPO Case No. D2016-1555)

Filed: July 29, 2016; Decided: October 7, 2016 (Panelist: Wolter Wefers Bettink) 862 more words



One night I started looking for answers to the questions I conveniently packed in my closet of unproductive thoughts. Taking calculated risks to get to the bottom of this feeling I could not shake off… 379 more words


I didn't respond to the Petition filed by my spouse, how can I find out if a Request to Enter Default has been entered?

If you have not received a notice of request to enter default, a notice of default judgment, AND it’s not appearing on the online case summary, it’s very likely default has not yet been entered. 299 more words

Out-of-Court Resolution

The agencies that never respondĀ 

Maybe it’s just me, but has anybody ever had a response from Oscar Technology?

I’ve contacted them several times in response to job adverts they have run for which I am more than qualified and they have never ever responded. 26 more words



Sorry for my absence, anyway:

I am absolutely sick to death of putting effort in when the person in return isn’t willing to do the same! 455 more words

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