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Chapter 5 - Part 3

He hesitated, and then knelt down beside her. This time he shook her gently by the shoulder.

Absently, Mark held his breath and waited.

Still no response.


Chapter 5 - Part 2

Mark stood towering above her. He swallowed. “Diane?”

No response.


Three Ghosted (2015)

1. Boyfriends.
2. Girlfriends.
3. Doctors.
For sure-
No response, no answer


The Exceptional Delaware No Response List

Over the past year, I’ve reached out to several people and organizations either for information on articles or to advocate on issues.  I usually get a response, but some flat-out ignore me.  660 more words

Delaware DOE


I often find myself reflecting on my past and compare it to the present. In a relationship there are simple things that a person can do to make the other feel at ease or happy. 79 more words

No Response

Professional Feedback on My Query

Queries can make or break you. Currently they are breaking me. I’ve submitted 53 query letters to selected literary agents and have received eleven (11) form rejections and one (1) response that was slightly personal as the agent referenced something I wrote in my query letter. 523 more words

Rebecca Gernon

Leave Me Hanging

One of my biggest pet peeves is lack of communication. If you were to look at my messaging inbox right now you would see four messages at the very top all sent by me multiple days ago, all seen by the reader, and all of them remain unanswered. 1,174 more words